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SkinSwap Review – Is It Legit?

This review will let you know if SkinSwap is a legit platform or not, to help you see if it’s the right Rust and CS:GO trading site for you in our Skinswap review.
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With less than 2 years in the market, SkinSwap is already claiming its name amongst Rust and CS:GO skins traders, thanks to its big marketplace, smooth transactions, free cases and skins bonuses, and the option to instantly cash out your skins and items, its seen as a new skin marketplace and opposes a different alternative to the Steam Community market and has a simple registration process and allows you to receive instant money. This site also sells Rust items as well as CSGO items. Many people want to know if Skinswap is a reliable platform and is Skinswap legit.


SkinSwap officially launched its platforms and trading services in December 2021, as a new addition to the rapidly growing and competitive industry of skins and in-game trading. Since its launch, it has only focused on Rust and CS:GO. It’s run by the same team that owned RustySell.

The team decided to stop the operations at RustySell because they wanted to expand to new markets instead of remaining as a skins cashout site like Skins.Cash or SkinCashier. This is why they started SwingSwap, to bring users the option to exchange, buy, sell and instantly cashout CS:GO and Rust skins.

Until now it has registered over $1.7M dollars in transactions and over 50K trades, proving that there’s demand for its solutions and hence it’s building a solid customer base. It registers over 90 trades per day and $3,000+ in daily transactions.

Given the growing competition of this sector, they’ve included special services such as instant cashout via crypto and a market that offers Steam-like prices, making it ideal for traders and for skin trading.

SkinSwap is still in its infancy when compared to other CS2 skin trading sites, especially those focused on CS:GO such as CS.MONEY. However, it’s already an important platform for Rust traders because it offers a large inventory of skins and items and prices similar to Steam.


SkinSwap is growing slowly but steadily, and their efforts are already yielding excellent results:

  • Monthly Visitors: 396,000+
  • TrustPilot Rating: 4.5/5.0
  • TrustPilot Reviews: 550+
  • Twitter Followers: 6,300+
  • Discord Members: 15,000+

It receives over 10,000 visitors per day, mainly users looking to buy, sell and exchange Rust skins because it offers a large inventory of skins and items, as well as Steam-like prices that are ideal for traders.

Skinswap does not have many negative reviews which goes to show that many people agree with our Skinswap review in that it is a legitimate website and answers the popular question is Skinswap legit? for skin trading.

Do Traders Really Use

Yes, SkinSwap registers over 90 trades per day and $3,000+ in daily transactions. This is why they have a “Live Activity” section on their pages, where you can check the latest trades on the platform, be it trading, buying or selling. Many users make a purchase and a sale daily on the Skinswap site.

After analyzing the Live Activity on SkinSwap, we have determined that it offers optimal levels of liquidity because it registers plenty of daily trades in various price ranges. From the cheapest to the most expensive cosmetics, here you will find traders ready to exchange skins and items with you. If you earn enough profit you could possibly earn a free case on this site for an instant.

Market Type

SkinSwap is a bot-powered skins and in-game items trading platform where you can automatically buy, sell and exchange CS:GO and Rust cosmetics. If you want to trade, you need to deposit your skins into the bot’s Steam inventory, and when someone wants to trade or buy your skins, the bot will run the transaction automatically for optimal skin trading which makes the contacts Skinswap use ideal.

The following table will show you how to trade, sell or buy skins at SkinSwap:

How to… Instructions
Trade Skins
  • Sign in to SkinSwap via Steam
  • Select the skins from your inventory you’d like to trade
  • Select the skins that you’d like to obtain from the SkinSwap’s inventory
  • Click on “Trade”
  • Receive your new Rust or CS:GO skins and items
Sell Skins
    1. Sign in to SkinSwap via Steam
  • Click on “Sell”
  • Click on the skins and items you want to sell
  • Choose your payment method
  • Fill in your payment method details
  • Click on “Receive your cash instantly”
  • Receive your money via your selected payment method
Buy Skins
    1. Sign in to SkinSwap via Steam
  • Click on “Buy”
  • Top up your account balance with your preferred payment method
  • Select the items and skins you’d like to buy from the SkinSwap’s inventory
  • Click on “Trade”
  • Receive your new skins and items

Thousands of Traders, One Buyer and One Seller

All users can trade at SkinSwap without restrictions, but only the platform can buy and sell CS:GO and Rust skins and items. Because when you click on “Buy”, you’re buying the skins from the SkinSwap’s inventory, and when you click on “Sell”, you’re selling directly to SkinSwap, and hence adding new skins and items to its inventory.

You need to consider this before joining SkinSwap, because if you’re planning to buy or sell your skins by exploring different offers, you won’t find it here. However, if you want to trade skins and items at Steam-like prices with other users, then this platform will bring you a superb trading experience.

Does It Offer Instant Cashout?

Yes, it has an efficient system for cashing out Rust and CS:GO skins and items immediately via Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, PayPal and Venmo. The bot will value your skins, bring you an offer and disburse the money immediately via your preferred payment method.

Because SkinSwap has been developed by the same team that created RustySell, a former skins cashout service, they already know how to make these transactions smooth and practical, resulting in thousands of users that use SkinSwap for immediate payouts.

It competes closely against SkinCashier and Skins.Cash in this sector, often offering better prices for Rust skins and items. And you’ll be happy to know that they price in unique patterns and stickers, unlike other cashout platforms that don’t do this. This is why thousands of Rust traders visit it every month when they need to turn their cosmetics into real money ASAP.

Buying & Selling Fees

SkinSwap doesn’t charge buying or selling fees, and traders can exchange their skins and items without paying fees. We know you’re wondering how they’re running a business if they don’t charge fees, and it’s because their real business is in buying and selling skins. Let us explain.

The Real Business of SkinSwap

As we mentioned earlier, you can only sell your skins to SkinSwap, and you can only buy skins from the SkinSwap’s inventory. They buy your skins at a discount (usually 30-50% less than the real price), and in exchange they bring you immediate cashout via BTC, LTC, ETH, PayPal or Venmo.

They add these skins and items bought at a lower price to their inventory, where they sell them to new users at a higher price. The same old principle of buying low and selling high, but in a new format that allows SkinSwap to run a profitable business, bring outstanding prices to traders and keep the selling and buying fees at 0%.

Deposit & Payout Methods

SkinSwap supports the following deposit and payout methods:

Payment Method Deposit Payout
Credit and Debit Cards Yes No
Bitcoin Yes Yes
Litecoin Yes Yes
Ethereum No Yes
PayPal Yes Yes
Venmo No Yes


  • Get better trades thanks to Steam-like prices
  • Large inventory of Rust and CS:GO items and skins
  • Good prices for instant cash out because it prices in patterns and stickers
  • Buy more skins with the 35% extra deposit bonus
  • PayPal and cryptocurrencies available
  • No hidden fees


  • You can only buy skins from SkinSwap’s inventory
  • You can only sell skins to SkinSwap

Verdict: Should You Trade at SkinSwap?

Yes, if you want to trade Rust and CS:GO skins and items at Steam-like prices, or if you want to immediately cash out your cosmetics via PayPal, crypto or Venmo. SkinSwap will be an excellent choice in these cases because it’s been specially designed for these purposes. The site also sometimes has a Skinswap bonus code and an affiliate code that will allow you to earn extra money, if you are a high quality customer.

This site brags a plethora of payment methods which makes it a good deal in regards to skin trading.  Skinswap is very popular for Rust but can sometimes have hidden fees. The site has a great reputation and its customer support is great for its customers.

People often ask is Skinswap legit and safe, we can safely say that it is a safe website as long as you use the correct provided link for the Skinswap website, not an imposter link.

We found the process and service of the Skinswap site and the company as a whole to be fast but could at times not be the best value for money when wanting to get cash for your Rust skins and CSGO skins.

We hope you enjoyed this article.