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SkinsMonkey Review – Is It Legit?

If you’re interested in buying and exchanging CS:GO, TF2 and Rust skins, then SkinsMonkey is one of the best platforms for it thanks to its outstanding variety of in-game items, automatic bot-powered trades, generous bonuses and solid prices for gamers, collectors and resellers.
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Since 2021, it has become one of the most popular skins and items trading sites with over 1.9M monthly visitors, with thousands of fans who use it frequently for buying new skins and exchanging their old items for new ones. 

In this review, we will let you know the real facts about SkinsMonkey, such as the fees they charge, liquidity, bonuses, pros and cons, so you can see if it’s the right trading site for you, and start trading valuable skins today! On this secure platform.


SkinsMonkey was created in January 2021 and it belongs to Virtual Asset Empire Ltd, one of the most important companies in the industry of eCommerce technology development. It has its headquarters in Cyprus, from which they operate the site, allowing them to support a wide myriad of payment methods, ideal for your first trade.

Virtual Asset Empire created SkinsMonkey to get a share of the fast-growing skins trading industry, and the results have been satisfactory: over 1.9M monthly visitors, hundreds of positive reviews and thousands of monthly trades registered on their platform for skin trading.

They started off by only supporting CS:GO skins and items, but they quickly integrated cosmetics from TF2 and Rust in 2021 due to their growing popularity in the world of esports. Immediately after it, they also released their emblematic welcome bonus: 35% extra on your first deposit to your site balance when you trade CS skins, this provides a great alternative to the Steam market. Virtual Asset Empire designed SkinsMonkey to only support cash purchases and skin-for-skin trading since it caters to gamers and collectors of skins. Until now, it’s not possible to use SkinsMonkey to cash out skins and items into real money and a great option for those interested in CSGO skin trading.

Popularity of SkinsMonkey in 2023

SkinsMonkey has quickly become one of the favorite CS2 trading sites amongst skins collectors and CS:GO, TF2 and Rust gamers because it provides a smooth and rich experience for buying and exchanging skins and items thanks to its outstanding variety of offers and automatic trades. 

According to SimilarWeb, it receives over 1.9M monthly visitors, a mark that places it amongst the most popular skins trading websites in 2023. The data we extracted from Google supports this claim, because thousands of users search for SkinsMonkey using the following keywords and phrases in the US:

  • Skinsmonkey: 6,600 monthly searches
  • skin monkey: 2,400 monthly searches
  • skinmonkey: 2,400 monthly searches
  • skins monkey: 1,500 monthly searches

Google registers 12,900 monthly searches for branded keywords related to SkinsMonkey, which is a total of 154,800 yearly searches. And this is only in the US, because after analyzing the data from all the regions that SkinsMonkey targets, we discovered that the platform gets over 107,000 monthly visitors per month from Google alone. 

Presence on Social Media

SkinsMonkey has been actively working on increasing its presence on social media, and here are the results:

  • Twitter: 67,000+ followers
  • YouTube: 600,000+ views
  • TikTok: 1,600 followers

Its main social media profile is Twitter, and honestly, they’re staying behind other competitors when it comes to YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and Discord. According to SimilarWeb, only 8% of their traffic comes from social media, which shows that they are lacking in this area.

A Popular and Reputable Skins Trading Site

SkinsMonkey has been rated 4.7 out of 5.0 on TrustPilot, with over 600 reviews from which 91% of users rate SkinsMonkey with 5 stars, defining it as an outstanding, trusted, and reliable skins trading platform.

There are over 500 threads on Reddit about SkinsMonkey, mainly created to ask questions such as what fees they charge, available payment methods, current promo codes and new bonuses and offers. A big percentage of the users rate SkinsMonkey as a solid and trustworthy trading site.

A Powerful Bonus that Made SkinsMonkey Memorable

A lot of skins trading sites go unnoticed and disappear from the market unexpectedly, and Virtual Asset Empire knew this, so they created an irresistible offer to attract new users and make SkinsMonkey memorable: a huge 35% first deposit bonus.

When compared to other skins trading sites that barely bring an extra 5-10% on the first deposit, SkinsMonkey stands out from the rest, and this is one of the main reasons why it’s becoming more popular with the passing of time.

After seeing the success of this welcome bonus, they decided to include other promotions such as getting 5% back on every trade. A powerful cashback bonus that has helped SkinsMonkey boost its customer retention rate.

Market Type

SkinsMonkey is a 100% bot-powered skins trading platform that supports the following trading modes: cash trading and skin-for-skin trading. Based on this, you can do the following at SkinsMonkey:

  • Exchange your CS:GO, TF2 and Rust skins for other skins and items
  • Buy CS:GO, TF2 and Rust skins with real money with your account balance
  • Sell your skins to fund your account balance

You can buy, sell and exchange skins on SkinsMonkey, but keep in mind that you cannot withdraw the money from your balance. You can only use the profits from selling your skins to buy other skins on SkinsMonkey, restricting the way you can use this platform. 

Since it’s a bot-powered platform, all the trades and transactions are executed instantly. We’ve extensively tested SkinsMonkey, and we’ve found out that it provides one of the smoothest trading experiences in the industry for buying and exchanging skins.

Buying & Selling Fees

SkinsMonkey charges a 7% fee on all purchases, and they might also charge an additional fee of 1-3% for extremely popular items. For example, if you want to purchase a skin worth $100, then you will have to pay a total of $107. And if it’s a highly popular skin, then you’ll have to pay an extra $1 to $3 on your purchase with your trade offer

About Fees for Sellers on SkinsMonkey

If you decide to sell on SkinsMonkey, then you won’t have to pay any fees. The same applies for skin-for-skin trading – there are no fee or extra charges. All the fees apply to purchases with money from your account balance or after topping it up with a payment method such as credit cards, cryptocurrencies, Skrill or Neteller and provide a better platform than the Steam market.

When it comes to deposits, you’ll also have to pay certain fees depending on the payment method you choose. The next section will bring you a complete overview of the fees you’ll have to pay when making a deposit at SkinsMonkey to add to your site balance, using their trade bot.

Deposit & Payout Methods

Here you will find our in-depth analysis of SkinsMonkey’s banking experience, so you can learn how you can get your money and skins into and out of the platform while using Skins Monkey.

SkinsMonkey brings you a large selection of deposit and payment methods to fund your account, here you have a breakdown on all the main choices along with the minimum deposit requirement and accept the corresponding fees:

Deposit Method Min. Deposit Max. Deposit Fees Processing Time
Visa  $5.00 $1,000 3-5% Instant
MasterCard $5.00 $1,000 3-5% Instant
Cryptocurrencies $5.00 $1,000 0% Instant
Kinguin $5.00 $1,000 0% Instant
Skrill $5.00 $1,000 7-12% Instant
Neteller $5.00 $1,000 7-12% Instant
Apple Pay $5.00 $1,000 3-8% Instant
Google Pay $5.00 $1,000 3-8% Instant
Stripe $5.00 $1,000 3-8% Instant
Zen $5.00 $1,000 5-10% Instant
Klarna $5.00 $1,000 3-8% Instant
Trustly $5.00 $1,000 5-10% Instant
Qiwi $5.00 $1,000 5% Instant
iDeal $5.00 $1,000 3-8% Instant


SkinsMonkey makes deposits practical, cheap and fast – you can fund your account within seconds to buy all the skins and items you want. It’s worth noting that you can only deposit a maximum of $1,000 at a time, and for high-volume purchases, you might need to complete the corresponding KYC procedures.

Evidently, we recommend you to opt for cryptocurrencies when making deposits at SkinsMonkey because it charges a 0% fee, allowing you to get the most out of every deposit and purchase. Because if you use a payment method like Skrill, along with the buying fees, you might end up paying an extra 14-22% on your purchase.

Note: Don’t miss out on claiming your 35% bonus when making your first deposit. You’ll get free money to buy even more skins and items without restrictions when CSGO skin trading on the website.

Payout and Withdrawal Methods

You cannot withdraw money from SkinsMonkey as it doesn’t support any payout method other than CS:GO, Rust and TF2 skins. If you sell skins on the platform, you can only use this balance to buy new skins and in-game items. 

Honestly, this is a downside because it doesn’t support cash trading at its fullest, since you cannot use SkinsMonkey as a platform for cashing out your skins into real money. The best you can do is to buy skins at low prices on SkinsMonkey and then resell them on other platforms at higher prices.

However, this unique environment makes it a prime platform for collectors because you can find an outstanding variety of skins and cosmetics. And it also applies to pure CS:GO, Rust and TF2 gamers, because you can use SkinsMonkey to stock up your inventory and have plenty of new skins and new items to use in the game.


  • Outstanding variety of CS:GO, TF2 and Rust skins available for buying and trading
  • Generous 35% first deposit bonus
  • Automatic trades with thousands of available offers
  • Great prices for collectors, gamers and resellers
  • Large variety of deposit methods including crypto, Skrill and Neteller


  • It doesn’t support cashout
  • You can only deposit a maximum of $1,000 at a time

Verdict: Should You Trade at SkinsMonkey?

If you’re interested in buying CS:GO, TF2 and Rust items, and exchanging skins for other skins, then SkinsMonkey is a good choice for you thanks to its outstanding variety of cosmetics, generous bonuses and its ability for automatic trades. 

It’s also a good idea to trade SkinsMonkey if you’re interested in reselling skins and items on other platforms, because you can find cosmetics at fair prices on this site. And since you can withdraw them directly into your Steam inventory, you can sell them easily on other platforms as long as there’s no trade lock. Especially if you use the welcome bonus, you’ll get the chance to buy skins at the lowest prices on the market safely.

However, if you want to turn your skins into real money, then SkinsMonkey is not the right choice for you. Because it doesn’t support any cashout payment method, meaning that you can only buy and exchange skins.