Skins.Cash Review – Is It Legit?

So if you are wondering is Skins.Cash legit for CSGO skins and other popular Steam games? Read on to find more about this platform review.
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Born as a solution for cashing out CS:GO, Rust, Dota 2 and TF2 skins into real money immediately. Skins.Cash is one of the top skins cashout sites for 2023. Thanks to its immediate payments via cryptocurrencies, Visa, Payoneer and bank wire, over 300K users visit Skins.Cash every month to convert their skins into real money. This famous site has many payment providers that you can use when it comes to buying and selling skins for real money and has put the market situation in good stead with its dynamic algorithm for its market place.

In this review, we will let you know if Skins.Cash is a legit and recommended site by analyzing its history, popularity, liquidity, fees, payment methods, and pros & cons within the gaming community. It is highly renowned for its instant payments and withdrawal methods when it comes to buying CSGO skins and selling CSGO skins, with many different payment options available on the site, Skins.Cash also has a bonus program which can make it even more enticing for you to make extra money when it comes to skin sorting.

The company Skins.Cash also has a great support team in comparison to other sites, which is heavily praised by its users and all the features that this site offers are also heavily praised by its positive reviews for its website value.


Skins.Cash and its platform started its operations in 2016, becoming one of the pioneers in the skins and in-games trading industry, offering a novelty service: Instant Sell and Instant Cashout. Due to the lack of liquidity in the early days of skins trading, Skins.Cash became the go-to site for turning skins and items from games such as CS:GO – and now Dota 2, TF2 and Rust – into real money when you trade skins from your Steam account, with this site you can also get your cash instantly this site is very popular for its CSGO items due to the many loyal customers it has gained over the years, and is now very competitive with its plethora of positive reviews which if you need to double check the sites trust pilot score is very high.

It was one of the few players in this sector of the industry until 2021, when a new competitor emerged,SkinCashier. This new platform surpassed it in monthly traffic and grew a bigger presence on channels such as Twitter. Skins.Cash responded by offering exclusive benefits: payouts in USDT and a higher approval rate for skins and items worth less than $1 USD which makes a great site if your are looking for a bonus.

Nowadays it remains as one of the top cashout sites for turning CSGO skins, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust items and skins into real money instantly, thanks to their wide variety of payout methods, instant service, no hidden fees, and excellent customer support service.


Skins.Cash is one of the most important names in the skins cashout sector, thanks to its clean reputation and firm trajectory since 2016, which is reflected on the following numbers:

  1. Monthly Visitors: 300,000+
  2. TrustPilot Rating: 4.1/5.0
  3. TrustPilot Reviews: 9,300+
  4. 5-Star Reviews: 89%
  5. Twitter Followers: 9,000+
  6. Telegram Followers: 9,000+

Even though its monthly traffic is relatively small when compared to other platforms in the industry, it has an outstanding number of Steam Community threads dedicated to it, and given that it has 9,000+ reviews on TrustPilot, we can conclude it’s a highly trusted skins cashout site according to users.

Why Does Skins.Cash Lack a Big Online Presence?

Because it’s a site only focused on skins cashout, there aren’t active discussions about it, even though it’s been around since 2016 . It gets the job done by immediately turning your skins into real money; hence, TrustPilot is the main source to verify if it’s a legit platform.

With a rating of 4.1 out of 5.0, and over 9,000 reviews, we can say that it’s trusted and loved by the community. You can sell your skins instantly at Skins.Cash because it’s a legit site that always pays on time and exactly what they promise with no hidden fees.

The Real Stats that Prove Skins.Cash Success and Popularity

Skins.Cash displays how many skins they’ve bought since 2016 until now, totalling over 55,000,000 skins, shared amongst CS:GO, TF2, Dota 2 and Rust. Doing the calculations, it means that they buy over 21,000 skins per day, an outstanding number that proves its popularity and reliability.

It also has a Live Deals section where you can check the most recent trades that have taken place on Skins.Cash. And since they buy thousands of skins per day, this section is updated every minute.

Forget about the Twitter or Instagram followers, these are the numbers that matter. They prove that they can buy your skins and items no matter what, bringing you outstanding liquidity and the benefit of turning your cosmetics into real money instantly.

Skins.Cash Buys Skins in all Price Ranges

After analyzing the Live Deals section carefully during several weeks, we’ve noticed that they buy skins in all price ranges. Be it premium skins worth over $1,000 like a Karambit | Doppler, a skin in the $500 range such as an AK-47 Fire Serpent Battle Scarred, a cheap skin like a USP-S Cortex Field Tested worth $3ish or items worth just a few cents, Skins.Cash can buy them all.

This is an area where they beat the other cashout sites or trading sites that offer cashout services: They are open to buying all sorts of skins. Even if your inventory is full of skins worth just a few cents, they’ll happily buy it.

Is It Lagging Behind New Cashout Sites?

Even though this segment has become more competitive with the passing of time, Skins.Cash is still keeping its edge:

SkinCashier Skins.Cash DMarket (Instant Sell)
Monthly Traffic 550,00+ 300,000+ 4,900,000+
TrustPilot Rating 4.7 4.1 4.6
TrustPilot Reviews 1,900+ 9,300+ 24,000+
Twitter Followers 11,000+ 9,000+ 49,000+
Steam Community Threads 80+ 59,000+ 3,100+
Price Deviation from Steam 50-70% 50-70% 20-50%
Payment Release Speed Instant Instant Depends
Instant Cashout Bonus 3% Extra 7% Extra None

DMarket is one of the biggest names in the world of skins trading, but just like other top players that offer Instant Sell and Instant Cashout as an additional service, they cannot bring the same experience as cashout-only sites like Skins.Cash and SkinCashier. Because Skins.Cash lives by its promise of turning your skins into cash immediately, and they even add an 7% extra bonus to bring you a bigger payment.

You can find threads on Reddit that report how DMarket can take 10 days or more to credit the payment for skins and items sold via Instant Sell (Sell Now). This situation doesn’t happen at Skins.Cash for example, which issues payments instantly.

Market Type

Skins.Cash is a skins cashout site, where the platform itself is the unique buyer. They’re willing to buy practically any type of CS:GO, Team fortress 2, Dota 2 and Rust items. All you need to do is to enter your Steam Trade URL, select the items you want to sell, accept their offer and that’s it. They will immediately credit your payment via your preferred payment method.

How Does Instant Sell and Instant Cashout Work?

Instant Sell, Instant Cashout and Instant Cash mean the same, it’s a process by which you can sell your skins and items to Skins.Cash and receive a payment immediately. Skins.Cash uses a bot that analyzes and values your skins and will link items automatically to bring you an offer for the lot you want to sell. Here’s a breakdown on the process:

  1. Visit Skins.Cash
  2. Enter your Steam Trade URL
  3. Select the items and skins you want to sell
  4. The bot automatically presents you the offer under “You Receive”
  5. Proceed to select your payout method
  6. Click on the button to complete the deal
  7. Receive your payment

Keep in mind that some payment methods such as bank wires, Payoneer, and Visa might take up to 1 business day to get processed and credited. For instant payments, opt for BTC, LTC, USDT or ETH because they will take just a few minutes to arrive to your crypto wallet.

Can You Really Buy Skins at Skins.Cash

No, even though Skins.Cash has a tab that reads “Buy Skins”, it will simply redirect you to a landing page where they link out to DMarket, an established trading platform where you can exchange, buy and sell skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust. You can check out our DMarket review here.

Buying & Selling Fees

Skins.Cash doesn’t charge buying or selling fees because it’s a skins cashout site. You cannot buy skins here as we stated earlier, because they will redirect you to DMarket. And when it comes to selling your skins and items, the “fee” will be the price they will pay for your cosmetics, which is usually lower than the Steam Community Marketplace.

Unveiling the Real Selling Fees at Skins.Cash

Skins.Cash brings you immediate payments for your skins and items, but in exchange it will offer you prices 50-70% lower than Steam. This is similar to what SkinCashier does, and it’s a valid business practice because this is what happens in the background:

  1. Skins.Cash buys your skins at a lower price than Steam and other marketplaces
  2. They immediately send you a payment via cryptocurrencies, Payoneer or Visa
  3. They proceed to create a plan for selling the skins and items
  4. They promote their new skins and items on different marketplaces or to their private client base
  5. They eventually sell the skins and items at a higher price

If you have been trading CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 or Rust skins for a while, you can agree with us that it can take weeks or even months to find a buyer. This is the risk that Skins.Cash undertakes, because the prices of the skins might plummet as well, leaving them with a massive loss.

In short, they bring you the convenience of immediate payments at a lower price with the hopes of being able to sell the items and skins at a higher price in the future, which is usually several weeks or months later.

Deposit & Payout Methods

Skins.Cash is a cashout site and hence you can only deposit Steam Skins by logging in with your Steam account and adding your Trade URL. Your inventory will load up immediately, and then you can select the skins and items you want to sell. Skins.Cash currently accepts skins deposits for CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust.

Here you have a table with the payout methods that Skins.Cash offers when selling your skins and items:

Payment Method Min. Withdrawal Payout Fee Processing Time
Payoneer 15.0 EUR 0% Instant
Visa 2.00 USD 0% Instant
Bank Wire 1.00 EUR 0% Up to 1 Business Day
Skins.Cash Balance 0.01 EUR 0% Instant
Bitcoin 25.0 EUR 0% Instant
Ethereum 30.0 EUR 0% Instant
Litecoin 3.00 EUR 0% Instant
USDT (ERC-20) 20.0 EUR 0% Instant
USDT (TRC-20) 20.0 EUR 0% Instant
Tron 1.00 EUR 0% Instant

Note: Keep in mind that Visa and Bank Wires might cost you extra fees that are independent from Skin.Cash’s payout system. And when it comes to cryptocurrencies, you’ll have to pay the network fees, being the most expensive ERC-20 and the cheapest TRC-20.


  • Instantly sell your CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust skins and items
  • Get paid via Bitcoin, LTC, ETH or USDT immediately
  • Efficient bot for fast transactions and immediate payouts
  • No hidden fees
  • No skins deposit fees
  • Outstanding customer support service
  • Established skins cashout brand since 2016


  • High min. Withdrawal for Bitcoin and Payoneer

Verdict: Should You Trade at Skins.Cash?

If you need money urgently, then you should trade at Skins.Cash because it can convert your skins and items instantly into real money via Payoneer, Visa, bank wire and cryptocurrencies. They can buy skins from CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 and Rust with no questions asked thanks to its automatic system run by their proprietary bot when it comes to a transaction and withdraw.

Skins.Cash is also an excellent solution if you don’t want to receive crypto payments and instead, you want to receive your funds via a bank wire or Payoneer, which are payment methods that alternatives like SkinCashier lack. The site also provides Paypal for its secure trades which is another bonus and beneficiary to its website.

As stated previously the secure payment options and withdrawal process and its simplicity is what makes it better than other methods that are available when it comes to buying and withdrawing for a skin. If you have any issues the customer support is also fantastic on its website which is a great bonus as some websites can be quite slow in comparison.

We hope you enjoyed this review on this company to buy CSGO skins and sell CSGO kins for real money and other Steam games. With every sale and transaction secure and legit for all of its users on the Skin.Cash website. So rest assured this site is certainly not a scam and you will hopefully find a skin that is for you no matter what steam game you play on your account. However, as stated previously Skins.Cash is great if you want to buy and sell CSGO skins with its marketplace being high in popularity with a transaction almost always taking place, so you will easily find a sale or a purchase for you on the Skins.Cash website.