R1-Skins Review – Is It Legit?

If you are interested in finding a CS2 case opening site that will provide a full package including a variety of dedicated games, a diversified range of bonuses and promotions, and plenty of payment methods to choose from. Well, we got you covered as R1 Skins has it all! With that being said, many gamblers are going to ask themselves the same question, that being is R1 Skins legit? This is what we are here to answer and for that reason, we urge you to not miss out on this review. Without further ado, strap tight, and let’s jump right into this one.
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What is R1 Skins?

To be fair, R1 Skins is a relatively new gambling website that has been around since 2021. On this platform, players can deposit real money or cryptocurrencies and play different CS2 related games such as opening cases, upgrading skins, and more.

One of the main reasons why R1 Skins became a fan favorite so quickly lies in the fact that the same company behind R1 Skins also created a very popular case opening website called Farmskins. Since Farmskins is one of the best sites in the industry, it is to be expected that R1 Skins is going to offer a similar experience to new customers.

Is R1 Skins Legit Gambling Site?

To figure out a proper answer to the is R1 skins legit question, we should take a closer look at things from different perspectives. To begin with, a lot of gamblers noticed that this website does not hold any gambling license which can bring fairness into question.

However, we should mention the fact that even though R1 Skins is operating without a license, they are very reputable and transparent regarding how they do business. Moreover, a unique provably fair system has been put in place alongside step-by-step guides on how to inspect and verify the fairness of all games and cases you opened.

To conclude, and finally answer the question is R1 Skins legit, let’s take a closer look at what current players have to say about this gambling platform. The majority of them are happy with the available reward they received through the R1 Skins promo code, while others loved the fact that they could use a variety of methods to top up their accounts.

Necessary Steps to Create R1 Skins Account

Since R1-Skins is all about Counter-Strike 2 gambling, players need to be aware of the fact that the only way to create an account on this platform revolves around using your existing Steam profile. Even though this is a simple process to do, we are still going to put in place the necessary steps that you need to take so you can get started on the right foot.


  1. Head over to the R1-skins.com website: To be fair, this website uses a different than usual domain hence why players need to be very careful that they sign up for an account. To ensure safety and not getting scammed, use the website URL we have provided you with.
  2. Create an account with a Steam profile: Once on the homepage, navigate to the top corner of the website and look for the pink “Sign in” button. Click on it and a new pop up will appear where you will have to sign in through your Steam profile. After a couple of seconds, your R1 Skins account is automatically created.
  3. Provide additional information: Now that your account is all set up, we would advise you to head over to the profile menu and provide additional information including Steam trade URL and valid email address.


Details Regarding R1 Skins Promo Code & How to Claim it

If you are looking for the best R1 skins promo code to use, you should be aware of the fact that there are codes out there that are going to provide a plethora of different perks. However, you should know that you can’t use them all as this is a one-and-done promotion.

While doing the research, we found out that there are three different bonuses you can capitalize on by using a particular R1 Skins promo code. To begin with, players can claim free money when signing up. On top of that, a deposit bonus is also available while some codes will provide a couple of free cases to open from the get-go. Here are the necessary steps to claim a promo code on R1 skins.


  1. After the account has been created, look for the “Promocode” section located in the header of the website.
  2. By clicking on it, a pop up is going to appear where you can type in the found R1 Skins promo code.
  3. Last but not least, click on the “Apply” button and fulfill a required action if necessary to trigger the bonus.


Games Available on R1 Skins

In the introduction of this review, we touched base on the fact that R1 Skins is all about CS2 skins gambling, and the games are adjusted for that cause. If you are expecting a wide range of Originals or Casino titles, you are not going to find them here, but unique games revolving around skins are up and running. For more information regarding what is available, refer to the list below.


  • Cases: This is the go-to game for a lot of CS2 enthusiasts and gamblers on R1 skins. To be fair, there are so many cases to choose from and they are suitable to anyone’s pocket based on the available budget. This means that you can open cases worth several hundred dollars and the very cheap ones costing less than $0,50. Take note that all cases are coming in with disclosed chances of winning a particular skin.
  • Upgrade: With this one, players can wager their old and unwanted skins, or even real money for a chance of getting an upgraded skin which is worth more. Based on the price difference between the wager and the wanted item, a chance of winning is determined and it is stated in percentages.
  • Defuse Bomb: This game works similarly to the ever-so-popular title Towers. However, for this game, players are trying to defuse the C4 by reaching the very top and winning an insane reward.

Additional Bonuses and Promotions

Alongside using an R1 skins promo code to get started on the right foot, both newcomers and exciting customers can get their hands on additional offers, promotions, and bonuses just by staying loyal to this gambling platform. Here is what is available.

  • Daily free: By topping up the balance, players can open a free case every day. With this promotion, gamblers can win lucrative prizes including big discounts, free money, keys, deposit bonuses, and much more.
  • Free balance: At the time of writing, there are two free tasks players can be a part of to claim free money on the website. By adding an email address, $0,25 can be claimed immediately. Moreover, enabling push notifications rewards players with 30 keys.
  • Partner: Existing players can set up their partner code and share it with either their friends or across social media networks. Whoever joins the website and uses your promo code is rewarded with free money while in return, you are getting a percentage of their deposits. Keep in mind that funds won through this promotion can be withdrawn immediately. 
  • Cashback: R1 keys are the on-site currency that is awarded to players who are opening cases, or to anyone who fails at upgrade. This promotion can then be used to purchase skins, exchange them for real money, or gamble it as well.

Customer Support

Having a proper chance of getting help regarding questions, problems, or similar queries is crucial, especially in the CS2 skins gambling industry. For that reason, R1 Skins put in place magnificent ways of getting help, and it all starts with a stacked FAQ section where players can get basic and navigational help.

Alongside the stacked FAQ section, a live chat is also available and can be reached 24/7, 7 days a week. It is important to mention that the customer staff is polite and professional, and they certainly bring the required knowledge regarding both gambling and handling problems. All in all, a supreme customer support that you can’t go wrong with.