How To Set Max Ping For Matchmaking

Max Ping GUide

When playing CS2/CSGO and you notice that you feel lag within the servers and are giving you a high ping, it can be useful to limit your maximum ping. The mm_dedicated_search_maxping command will allow you to search only for matchmaking servers with latencies lower or at the value you set.

1) Enable and Open Developer Console

To set your max ping, you will need to enable the developer console, simply press ESC, then head over to the game tab and set your Developer Console to Yes.

2) Max Ping for Matchmaking Command

To change your max ping, open up your developer console and enter this line below:

mm_dedicated_search_maxping PING_40

You can replace 40 with your required ping number.

Once you have entered this command into the console, it will only search for servers with a ping level lower than 40.

The ping level of 40 can always be changed, it’s worth noting that the lower the ping level the longer it will take to find a server. This is because it makes the search pool a lot smaller. If you find that it is taking longer to find a game, you can always change the value to a higher number, like something below:

mm_dedicated_search_maxping PING_100

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