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Keydrop Review – Is It Legit?

In recent weeks, we have seen an increase in searches regarding the question: is KeyDrop legit? With that in mind, we have decided to create an ultimate KeyDrop review that will cover both the basics including the safety and fairness features. On top of that, we are going to include what types of bonuses are up for grabs on this CS2 gambling platform alongside payment options regarding both deposits and withdrawals. Now that we have explained what you are in for regarding this piece, strap tight, and jump right into this one.
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What is KeyDrop com?

Back in 2018, KeyDrop first saw the light of the day. As soon as the website was released to the public, it immediately attracted a wide range of players interested in opening cases or upgrading their existing CS2 skins to new ones. On KeyDrop, players can use a wide range of payment options including CS2 skins, real money transfers through credit cards, or even cryptocurrencies and gift cards to get started.

One of the main reasons why KeyDrop com is so popular revolves around the fact that they are disclosing the chances of winning an item when opening cases which means that the players know what they are getting themselves into, and that is not the case with the Valve’s official case opening.

Is KeyDrop Legit?

To find out an answer to the question is KeyDrop legit, we should take a closer look at what this website brings to the table. First and foremost, we should mention that Key Drop is not licensed or regulated by a governing body or commission which is a red flag for the majority of players.

However, you can rest assured because there is a dedicated provably fair system put in place that ensures fairness and legit chances of coming out on top. We should also mention the fact that even though this website does not hold a license, it still has a massive following across social media channels and almost 2,000 active players at any point in the day.

Last but not least, another thing that answers the question is KeyDrop legit revolves around security and safety. To begin with, HTTPS protocol has been put in place alongside SSL encryption that should keep your banking and personal information safe. Responsible gambling is also included on the platform which can help out players who believe that they are getting addicted.

How to Sign up For a KeyDrop Account?

Creating a KeyDrop com account is as easy as it can be. But, we are aware of the fact that there are a lot of newcomers to the third-party case opening platforms and they are looking for any type of help that they can find. For that reason, we have prepared a detailed guide that is going to help you get started on the right foot, so do not miss out.


  1. Head over to Right now, this platform does not offer any types of mirror links hence why newcomers should make sure that they are visiting the original platform. The best option is to copy and paste the address we have provided you with.
  2. Click on the “LOG IN WITH STEAM” button: Once the website loads, in the top right corner, look for the mentioned button and click on it. A new pop-up will appear that will prompt you to agree to the terms of service, and privacy policy. Players will also have to tick the box that they are 18+.
  3. Provide additional information: Now that you have gone over the basics, there is one thing left to do before you have full access to the website including withdrawals. Head over to your profile, provide the Steam trade URL, add and confirm your email address and you are good to go.
  4. Enjoy playing on the website: As soon as the confirmation mail goes through, players can deposit funds, use promo codes, participate in additional promotions available on KeyDrop, and open their favorite cases at fair prices. Good luck!

KeyDrop Bonuses and Promotions

As mentioned in the introduction, there are different bonuses and promotions suitable for both gamblers who are just starting and the ones who have been in the game for a while now. Alongside using the KeyDrop promo code to get the welcome offer which includes free money and a deposit bonus, here is what else awaits on this platform.


  • Daily Case: In this one, players need to complete a simple task and enjoy a free case every day. To begin with, choose one of the available avatars, download them, and set them as your image on the Steam profile. With that out of the way, choose one of the five cards and you will instantly find out what type of free case you are in for. Keep in mind that this promotion resets every 24 hours.
  • Giveaways: At any point in time, five giveaways are running on KeyDrop com. To participate in those, players will have to meet certain requirements such as making a minimum deposit or wagering a certain amount of money. Prizes from these giveaways range in price and can start from as little as $5 to whopping ones going over $2,000.
  • Tasks: In the “Get Free” section, both beginners and players with existing accounts can fulfill tasks and win themselves free gold coins on the platform. Overall, the majority of tasks are simple and easy to accomplish. For example, just by joining KeyDrop’s Discord channel, you can get 41 gold coins.
  • Seasonal Events: Every once in a while, KeyDrop provides players with dedicated events that are going to require an even pass. While participating in this promotion, players are going to climb the leaderboard to win exclusive prizes, win free cases, and play unique and rewards games only available during the promotion. Keep in mind that there is a free version of the seasonal event alongside a premium one that provides much more bang for your buck.

Difference Between KeyDrop com Promo Code and Golden Code

If you did not know by now, there are two types of codes available on KeyDrop. The first code that you are going to use when signing up is the promo code and it provides a small sum of money for free alongside a 10% deposit offer.

However, once the player uses a KeyDrop promo code, it can’t be used anymore on the same account which means that this type of bonus can be labeled as one and done. In comes the KeyDrop golden code, a special type of bonus available for everyone with a valid account.

There are several ways for players to obtain golden codes. To begin with, we would suggest giving KeyDrop a follow across social media channels including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Discord, TikTok, and Telegram. Golden codes are most often found there.

Be aware of the fact that Golden codes can be exhausted as they have a limited number of uses. With such codes, KeyDrop usually provides free money that can be used across the platform. With that in mind, as soon as you find the code, head over to your profile and use it before it reaches full capacity.

Necessary Steps to Use KeyDrop Promo Code

Before going in head first and making a deposit on this website, we should point you in the right direction regarding this welcome bonus package. For that reason, we have prepared a necessary step-by-step guide that should ease the process. Here is how to do it.


  1. Verify the account: We already discussed the fact that you should provide a valid Steam trade URL and email address, to begin with. Do not deposit before doing that as it will make the entire deposit and withdrawal process afterward much easier.
  2. Click on the “Use Code” section: In the top middle part of the screen, look for the green section we just mentioned. By clicking on this one, a new pop-up is going to appear that will allow you to claim a promo code.
  3. Type in the code: In the mentioned pop-up, search for the “Enter the Promo Code” section and type in the bonus code that you have. All that is left for you to do is click on the “Apply” button. This will automatically provide you with a small sum of money for free alongside unlocking a 10% deposit bonus offer.
  4. Make a deposit and enjoy extra money: Up next is taking advantage of the deposit bonus. With the promo code being active, head over to the deposit section of the website and choose as preferred payment method. After the deposit goes through, KeyDrop will automatically award you with bonus funds.

Requirements When Using a Welcome Bonus on KeyDrop com

Now that you know how to claim the KeyDrop bonus code, we should also discuss additional requirements that are put in place you should be aware of. This is going to include certain restrictions, code availability, and a variety of other topics.


  • Age requirement: This is the most important requirement that everyone should be aware of. KeyDrop does not want to promote gambling to underaged players hence why you will have to tick the box that you are 18+ before joining the website. Moreover, in certain countries this limit is set to 21 or older, so make sure that you are legally allowed to join KeyDrop.
  • Country restrictions: Another important aspect of joining KeyDrop and claiming the welcome bonus offer revolves around the fact whether your country of residence allows any type of online gambling or even playing with skins. Before utilizing the bonus code, make sure that you can legally participate in online gambling activites without breaking national laws.
  • Valid and legit welcome bonus code: If you tick two of the mentioned boxes, then it is time to claim the bonus code. With that being said, we urge you to inspect whether or not the code is valid in the first place and to confirm with customer support that you are indeed getting what is described. We have seen KeyDrop codes on the market that promise 200% deposit offers, and we know that this is not true. Luckily, the customer staff is polite and friendly, and they are more than willing to provide additional information on the code you have.

Main Benefits of Playing on KeyDrop

There is a reason why so many players are participating in case openings, battles, and a variety of other games on KeyDrop. If you are still unsure whether or not to sign up for an account on this CS2 website, we urge you to not miss out on this section as we will break down the most important benefits players can enjoy here. Let’s get started.


  • Variety of dedicated games: If you are into CS2 skins gambling games, then you will be glad to hear that all of the games on KeyDrop are tailored just for you. Alongside opening cases yourself, players can participate in battles, use Contracts to upgrade existing skins, or even take advantage of Skin Changer.
  • Provably fair system: Since this platform is all about gambling and because it operates without a gambling license, players are looking for a fairness system. Luckily for everyone, KeyDrop com answered the call and put in place a unique provably fair system that is easy to inspect and verify.
  • Diversified range of payment methods: Another important aspect of CS2 gambling lies in the fact that players are looking for more payment options than just using CS2 skins. KeyDrop offers a plethora of those including cryptocurrencies, credit cards, e-wallets, gift cards, and much more. 
  • Numerous bonuses and promotions: Both beginners and seasoned gamblers can enjoy different bonuses and promotions on this platform. Starting with claiming free gold through certain codes, participating in seasonal events, or even claiming additional deposit bonuses. All in all, the choice is yours and there is so much to choose from.
  • Chance to get free money: Last but not least, KeyDrop is one of the few online gambling sites that offers players a chance to win free money just by doing simple tasks. A simple task such as joining a KeyDrop’s Discord channel awards a small sum of money without having to top up the account.

KeyDrop Affiliate System

After testing the website and playing on it yourself, players will be glad to hear that they can take advantage of the affiliate system and invite their friends for free. On top of that, both you and your friends are getting rewarded.


This is how it works. By going to the “Affiliate System” tab, players can set up their own KeyDrop promo code. That code can be shared and entered manually. It is also possible to share it via the URL so the bonus is applied as soon as someone clicks on the link.


There are four stages of the KeyDrop affiliate system and as you progress through them, the rewards are significantly increasing. Here are the details:


  • Level 1: Referrals deposited $0 – 2%
  • Level 2: Referrals deposited $5,000 – 3%
  • Level 3: Referrals deposited $25,000 – 4%
  • Level 4: Referrals deposited $50,000 – 5%


When someone uses your promo code, they are entitled to a small sum of free money, $0,50 to be more precise. Those funds can be used anywhere on the website to get started without any risk. On top of that, an additional 10% on the upcoming deposit is provided as well.

Now that you know what type of reward referred players are getting, it is time to mention your reward as well. On top of every deposit that they make, you are in for 2% or more, based on the current affiliate level you are on.

Games Available on Key Drop

Even though KeyDrop does not offer an insane number of games that range from Originals to Slots and Table Games with live dealers, we are positive that whoever is interested in gambling CS2 skins will love it here. For more information regarding the availability of games, refer to the upcoming text.

Case Opening

This game is the bread and butter that most players are interested in. To be fair, there are all sorts of cases at your disposal here starting with cheap ones that are going to set you back just a couple of cents to the very expensive ones ranging from $1,000+, but which are filled with exclusive items like AWP Dragone Lore, AK-47 Fire Serpent, and much more.

We should also mention the fact that the animations are looking better than ever and they are going to keep you on the edge of your seat. Moreover, be aware of the fact that there are discounts put in place for a limited amount of time and those will allow you to purchase the case with the same drops and chances of winning much cheaper.

Case Battles

Eventually, everyone will get fed up with opening cases themselves and they will look for additional types of games to play. In comes Case Battles, an excellent game mode that allows players to create or join existing battles in a winner-takes-all type of match.

The way this one works is straightforward. When creating a battle, add any amount of cases based on your budget, choose how many players can join, and decide whether to play it in a classic or underdog mode. Create the battle and wait for someone to join. If no one is up for the task, you can always add bots to the match.

We should also mention the fact that all case battle games come with a fairness system that can be inspected after the game is finished. Moreover, whenever making a deposit, players collect free battle tickets that can be used instead of real money.


In this game, players have an opportunity to upgrade their old CS2 skins and acquire new ones for the same price. To begin with, choose the skins from the KeyDrop inventory that you want to upgrade. Afterward, select the multiplier based on the risk tolerance or choose particular skins that you want to claim. Additionally, it is also possible to add on-site balance to increase the chances of winning even more.

Once everything has been set up, click on the “Upgrade” button. Momentarily, you are going to find out whether or not you have won the item. If you came out on top, you should know that the old skin is no longer available as you are going to receive the upgraded one.


Here is yet another Counter-Strike niche game that works similarly to the traditional one. Simply choose the skins that you no longer want to use and prepare a contract. After adding the skins to KeyDrop com, click on the ones that should be added to the Contract to find out the possible reward that can be claimed.

With the basics out of the way and if you agree with the reward, click on the “Create Contract” button and get yourself a new skin without putting much effort into it. On paper, this does not seem like a rewarding game, but for the players who do not tolerate risk, it does not get much better than that, right?

Skin Changer

When playing on the KeyDrop website, the chances are high that you are going to win all sorts of CS2 skins ranging in price. For that reason, a Skin Changer feature is available which allows players to trade up to 50 skins that they do not want and claim a more expensive single skin.

Be aware of the fact that as soon as you add the skins for the exchange and find the one that you want to claim, the trade offer will be immediately sent out to your Steam account and the skin can then be used in-game or sold for real money after the initial trade ban expires. This is an excellent way to turn several cheap skins into a better-looking one.


Last but not least, KeyDrop enjoys rewarding loyal customers, and this is exactly why the Conquest game has been added to the games list. Your mission is to accomplish tasks, simple ones, such as opening daily free cases, making a small deposit, etc.

Afterward, choose your next steps including the difficulty, and discover new stages, maps, and missions. As you keep on unlocking new tasks, players are also rewarded with excellent prizes. If you can reach the end and complete all of them, you are in for a stunning reward that will set you up for success.

Ways of Getting Free Money on KeyDrop com

Among the many reasons why KeyDrop com is so popular is the one that allows players access to free money without having to risk their funds. Even though this requires a bit of effort from the players’ side of things, it can still provide you with extra bang for your buck with no risk involved. Here are the possible ways.


  • Using golden codes: To begin with, this is the easiest way of claiming free money on KeyDrop. All it takes is giving this platform a follow on different social media channels. For example, we would suggest immediately giving them a follow on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Afterward, look for the golden codes announcements and be fast when claiming them as they are both time-sensitive and have a limited number of uses.
  • Opening daily cases: Alongside using golden codes, it is also possible for both new players and existing ones to take advantage of daily cases. The way this works is simple. Set one of the suggested avatars as your Steam logo and click on suggested cards. This allows players to open a free case once every 24 hours and does not require a deposit to be made.
  • Fulfilling tasks: Last but not least, KeyDrop likes to reward players willing to put in extra work. With that being said, just by adding an email address, players can get a small sum of gold coins for free. Moreover, if you want to showcase your winnings on Instagram, you are in for a solid reward as well.

KeyDrop Deposit and Withdrawal Options

There are plenty of deposit methods at your disposal on KeyDrop, but only a single one is available for withdrawals. In this part of our KeyDrop review, we will provide a complete set of payment options alongside a dedicated step-by-step guide on how to withdraw winnings.


KeyDrop deposit methods:

  • Pay by Skins: CS2, Dpta 2, Rust
  • Skrill
  • Sofort
  • Trustly
  • Credit cards: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Maestro
  • Sofort
  • iDeal
  • Pix
  • GiroPay
  • MBWay
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether, Dogecoin, Ape Coin, Binance Coin, Shiba Inu, USD Coin
  • Gift cards: PayPal, Kinguin, G2A
  • BoaCompra


KeyDrop withdrawal methods:

  • CS2 skins


Right now, you should be well-versed regarding the payment options that are waiting for you on this platform. With the basics out of the way, it is time to go over the entire withdrawal process. For more information, refer to the provided steps.


  1. Head over to the “My Account” section or simply, navigate to your profile.
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and find your inventory. There, skins that you can withdraw are available and shown. If you want to filter out skins that you can’t withdraw, toggle the “Active” tab.
  3. After choosing the skins that you want to withdraw, all that is left is pressing the “Collect” button. Momentarily, a trade offer on Steam should arrive and after accepting it, the withdrawal process should be completed. Very easy, right?

Customer Support

If you are ever in need of help when playing or signing up for a KeyDrop account, you should be glad to hear that professional customer support awaits. There are several ways of reaching out regarding concerns, problems, or simple queries and we will guide you through them all.

To begin with, a couple of months ago, KeyDrop com did not offer live chat, but now they do. This type of support is available 24/7, 7 days a week. It can be toggled by pressing the circle button located on the bottom left side of the screen. Customer agent usually connects within minutes.

Alongside using live chat to get help, players who are tight on time can also reach out through the ticketing system. In the footer of the website, click on the “Support” tab and you will be immediately redirected to fill out a ticket. Players can choose between different departments, describe issues, and even add attachments to provide as much detail as possible. All in all, a professional and well-put customer support system is up and running on KeyDrop.


In this piece, we tried our best to answer the question is KeyDrop legit? To begin with, we provided factual evidence regarding the safety and security this website brings to the table. On top of that, we have touched base on the fact that the fairness system has been put in place to ensure transparent and realistic chances of winning.

With that being said, KeyDrop is overall one of the best CS2 gambling sites, especially for the players interested in opening cases and participating in case battles. The chances of winning are much better once compared to the official cases and there are various additional enticements like deposit bonuses that will both extend the playtime on the site and increase the chances of coming out on top. With that being said, do not wait up and join KeyDrop com now.


What is KeyDrop com?

KeyDrop com is a third-party online CS2 gambling site that allows players to deposit real money, skins, and cryptocurrencies to participate in different games in which it is possible to win Counter-Strike 2 skins. At the moment, KeyDrop provides several games including opening cases, Case Battles, Contracts, Conquest, Upgrade, and Skin Changer.

Is KeyDrop legit?

Yes, KeyDrop is a legit gambling site. This platform put in place necessary safety standards including the HTTPS protocol, and SSL encryption. Those features are guaranteed to keep your account, personal, and banking information safe. Moreover, KeyDrop put in place a provably fair system that guarantees fairness across the board which further proves that KeyDrop is legit.

Are there any free bonuses on KeyDrop?

KeyDrop offers a variety of bonuses and promotions, and some of them are indeed free. For example, players can fulfill simple tasks and get free coins that way. On top of that, adding a KeyDrop avatar to your Steam profile unlocks daily free cases. Lastly, golden codes can be collected across social media channels and those as well provide free money.

What withdrawal options does KeyDrop com offer?

At the time of writing, KeyDrop only offers a single withdrawal option, that being CS2 skins. However, those skins can then be further sold on third-party trading sites like BitSkins and converted into real money.