CS2 (CS:GO) Inventory Value Calculator 

Chances are, this is something you’ve happened upon: after playing a few rounds of your favorite FPS game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you might have overlooked or failed to notice an item dropping into your inventory. However, over time, you might wonder: what’s the value of this skin that you’ve just stumbled across?

Or you might have purchased a few skins ages ago, forgot all about them, and didn’t realize that their value has increased quite massively. While you might have been tracking price changes, fluctuations and skin values for some time, if you’re new to it, you might well wonder how to go about it. To help you, this page will guide you on how you can calculate the value of your CS inventory.

Calculating the Value of Your CS:GO Skins Inventory: Option #1

If you prefer to keep your profile private – which many people do, there’s only one way that you can check the value of your inventory – and this is by using Steam’s built-in tools.

Open up your profile, access your inventory, click on each item to determine its value, note down the prices either on paper or in a separate spreadsheet, and then use a calculator to tally up the total.

This method is okay if you have no more than 30-40 skins in your inventory. However, if you have hundreds of skins, it will take a long time. That’s where third-party services come in handy. Nonetheless, you’ll still need to open your inventory first. Don’t worry, though, as the risk is minimal if you do it right. Here, we’ve brought you a list of instructions on how you can secure your profile to keep it safe.

How to Make Your CS:GO Inventory Public

1: Open up your Steam Profile.

2: Then, click on ‘Edit.’

3: Look for the button labeled ‘Edit profile’ to the right of the header, then click on it.

4: In the list of items in the left column, select ‘Privacy Settings.’

5: Change up your profile and inventory settings to public. You can then customize the rest according to your preferences.

How to Calculate the Cost of Your CS:GO Inventory Using a Third Party Apps

Calculating your CS:GO Inventory Cost and finding out how much your skins cost with third-party apps is also a solid option. Now that you’ve adjusted your profile settings to public, you’ll be able to explore the various third-party services. They are completely safe to use, and one of the most convenient options is

1: Follow the link

2: Enter the link to your Steam profile in the available field.

3: Click the CS:GO icon.

4: Click on the Fetch button.

5: Get the cost of your inventory – easy as that!

However, these services don’t always consider the added value of stickers or rare float numbers for weapon finishes, but they still give you a good estimate for simple skins of average quality.

CS Inventory Value Conclusion

So, there you have it- determining the value of your CS2 (CS:GO) inventory can be easy with the help of the various tools and methods available. Whether you prefer to manually calculate the value using Steam’s internal tools or test out third-party services like, it really can be straightforward and efficient. By making your profile settings public and making use of the various third-party platforms, you can get more accurate assessments – especially if you have rare or unusual skins.

What’s more, checking out the various platforms out there not only values your inventory but also offers you a seamless trading, buying, and selling experience. With an excellent database of skins and user-friendly interfaces, these platforms are ideal for both novice and experienced players alike.

Whether you’re interested in working out the value of your inventory or you want to make a few skin transactions, these resources can be excellent – and by using them effectively, you can find out what you need to know about how much your inventory is worth and make informed decisions regarding your skins.

CS Inventory Value FAQs

How can I calculate the value of my CS2 (CS:GO) Steam inventory?

There are various methods out there to calculate the value of your CS2 inventory. One option is to manually check the value of each item in your inventory through Steam’s internal tools. Alternatively, you can use third-party apps and sites that have been designed specifically for inventory valuation.

Are third-party apps safe to use for calculating inventory value?

Yes, many third-party apps and websites are completely safe to use for calculating CS2 inventory value. However, make sure you only use reputable and well-known platforms to be assured of the security of your account information.

How do I make my CS:GO inventory public?

To make your CS:GO inventory public, you need to adjust your Steam profile settings. Simply open up your Steam profile, click on ‘Edit Profile,’ select ‘Privacy Settings,’ and then you can make your profile and inventory public.

Can I calculate the value of my CS2 inventory without making it public?

Yes, you can still calculate the value of your CS2 inventory without making it public by using Steam’s internal tools. However, some third-party apps may ask you to make your inventory public to access certain features.

What information do I need to provide to calculate my inventory total value using third-party apps?

Generally, you’ll need to provide a link to your Steam profile or enter your Steam ID into the app or website. This will allow the third-party service to access your inventory and get all the necessary information for valuation.

Do third-party apps take into account factors like stickers and float values when calculating inventory value?

Some third-party apps may consider additional factors like stickers and float values, but many won’t. Make sure you research the features of the app or website you’re using to check if it includes these factors in its valuation.

Can I buy or sell CS2 skins directly through third-party inventory valuation apps?

While some third-party apps may create trade offers and offer Steam market place features, not all of them will allow direct buying and selling of CS2 skins. Finding a third-party site that offers comprehensive services, including trading, buying, and selling skins, is helpful if you’re looking to make a profit.

Are there any fees attached to using third-party inventory valuation apps?

Some third-party apps may charge fees for certain services, such as listing items for sale or making transactions. Make sure you read the T&Cs of the app or website to understand any potential fees involved.

How accurate are inventory valuations provided by third-party apps?

The accuracy of inventory valuation data provided by third-party apps can vary depending on the platform and the algorithms used. We recommend you use various sources for comparison and consider other defining factors such as market trends and item rarity.

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