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InsaneGG Review – Is It Legit?

If you are looking for an all-around gambling platform that is going to provide you with a plethora of games, diversified payment methods, and a variety of other useful perks, Insane.GG might be the perfect platform for you. In this piece, we will try our best to bring you as close as possible to what this casino is all about. With that in mind, let’s dive right into this one.
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Insane.GG Logo

What is Insane GG?

As mentioned, Insane GG is a third-party gambling site that offers players a chance to participate in different casino games including Originals like Crash, Jackpot, Cases, and a variety of additional titles. The overall website design resembles other popular gambling platforms and is modern and easy to navigate around.

One of the main reasons why so many CS2 gamblers love playing on this website lies in the fact that you can cash out winnings at any time through either Counter-Strike 2 skins or by using popular cryptocurrencies and withdraw real money in a matter of seconds. Pair that with excellent bonuses available here and you have yourself a perfect place to wager on!

Is Insane.GG Legit?

To give a proper answer regarding the is Insane.GG legit question, we need to take a closer look at this website from several angles. To begin with, we noticed that this website is operating with a proper gambling license. At the time of writing, Insane GG holds a valid Curacao Gambling License registered under the number #8048/JAZ.

On top of that, a dedicated provably fair system has been put in place for all games available. This further proves the fact that this is a legitimate website that is all about fair gaming. We should also touch base on the fact that this website provides necessary steps for newcomers interested in verifying the game hash of rounds that they played.

Last but not least, you should be aware that Insane.GG can be used in several languages. Alongside English, players can use the Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, or Turkish version of the website.

How to Register for Insane GG Account

Signing up for an Insane GG account is a straightforward process that only requires a couple of seconds. If you want to find out how to do it, refer to the list of steps below.


  • Head over to the official Insane.GG website: As of our knowledge, the only domain this website offers is Insane.GG hence why we would suggest you enter the full URL which will prevent any chances of ending up scammed. With that out of the way, on the homepage, navigate to the top right corner of the screen where you will find a sign in button alongside a small Steam logo.
  • Use your existing Steam profile to create an account: Since this platform is all about CS2 gambling, you will have to use your existing Steam profile to sign up for an account. Keep in mind that this process only requires you to sign in through the Steam network and all of the credentials are automatically created for you based on Steam preferences.
  • Provide additional information: Before playing any of the casino games, we would suggest you add a valid Steam trade URL. This will make your life easier if you want to withdraw winnings through CS2 skins.
  • Enjoy the website: Now that your account is all ready to go, all that is left is adding funds which can then be used to play a wide range of games waiting for you on the Insane.GG platform.

Insane.GG Bonuses and Promotions

Alongside claiming a welcome promo code, there are all sorts of additional bonuses and promotions up for grabs on Insane.GG. If you are interested in what is available and how to participate in those, make sure to not miss out on the upcoming text.


  • Skin for deposit: If you want to get extra bang for your buck, then this is the promotion you should not miss out on. For $20+ deposits, you will join the raffle where you can win skins worth up to $50. There are certain terms for this one such as a minimum of 50 hours in CS2, Steam level of 5+, and no VAC bans on record. Keep in mind that the higher the deposit you make, the higher the chance of winning.
  • Fan bonus: By adding one of the suggested avatars and the “Insane.GG” text to your Steam username, gamblers are automatically credited with an additional 25% on their upcoming bonuses. If you want to get additional free money, then this is the way to do it.
  • Wheel of Fortune: By following Insane.GG across channels including Steam group and Telegram and by making at least $1 deposit in the last five days, you are automatically entitled to a daily free spin on the Wheel of Fortune. In this one, you can win a wide range of money prizes starting with $0,02 and going all the way up to $1,000.
  • Deposit bonus: Alongside using an Insane.GG promo code, players can get their hands on a matched deposit offer. In all fairness, such a generous bonus is hard to find right now, and make sure to take advantage of this one while it lasts.
  • Bingo drop: Participate in battle pass events, collect raffle tickets, and join the upcoming raffles to have a chance of winning your share of real money prizes. This website put in place a dedicated page for this promotion where you can keep track of important information such as wagered raffle tickets and available ones.

How to Claim Insane.GG Promo Code

If you are an experienced gambler who played on a variety of gambling sites, claiming promo codes will not present a big deal. On the other hand, if you are just starting your gambling venture, you are probably looking for all the help you can get, right? With that being said, we are going to provide you with a dedicated step-by-step guide that should help you get started on the right foot.


  1. Sign up for an account and add a valid Steam trade URL.
  2. Head over to the “Menu” section and look for the tab “Bonuses”.
  3. Under the “Promo Code” box, type in the code and click on the blue button to activate it.
  4. Given the fact that Insane.GG promo codes are all about deposit offers, then a deposit is required to trigger the bonus funds.
  5. Before claiming the bonus, make sure to go over the terms and conditions so you can get a clear picture of what you are in for.

Payment Options on Insane GG

When it comes to deposit and withdrawal options on this gambling website, there are plenty of those to choose from and we are positive that you are going to find something for yourself on this website. For more information on what is available regarding deposits and cashouts, refer to the provided lists.


Insane.GG deposit methods:

  • Skins through Skinify, SkinPay, and SkinsBack
  • Cryptocurrencies: Tron, Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Gift cards
  • Bank transfers
  • E-wallets: Paysafecard, Neteller, WebMoney, Trustly, and others


Insane.GG withdrawal methods:

  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, Tether
  • CS2 Skins


Withdrawing winnings from the website has never been easier, and we are going to prove that. Before we hook you up with a list, take note that winnings can be cashed out via CS2 skins or cryptocurrencies. Here is how to do it.


  1. Head over to the withdraw section.
  2. Choose whether you want to withdraw skins or if you want to get paid through cryptocurrencies.
  3. Provide the required information for crypto withdrawals such as wallet ID and wait for the funds to arrive in your account. Be aware of the fact that when withdrawing with crypto, funds are going to land in your account momentarily.

Insane.GG Games

At the time of writing, this CS2 gambling platform offers a total of 7 unique games that are all coming in with excellent graphics and animations. If you want to find more information regarding what is available, do not miss out on our list below.


  • Crash: First and foremost, Insane.GG put in place an excellent Crash game that provides players with a variety of options. If you want to participate in this title, you must exchange on-site currency for CS2 skins. Those can then be used to play this game. 
  • Roll: Everybody loves a good old Roulette game, and this is exactly what is available here. Choose between four options, ranging from 2x and 7x, and go all the way up to 14x if it lands on green. Keep in mind that the fairness system can be inspected at any time for this title.
  • Lava: This is a unique game that can’t be found anywhere else. Once the game begins, players have a total of 5 skips available. Once those run out, the game is over. However, for each correct prediction, you are increasing the possible win. With that in mind, choose your color based on risk tolerance and have a go at it.
  • Upgrade: With this one, gamblers can upgrade the skins that they either deposit or win by playing other games. The process is simple to do. Choose the skins you want to upgrade, and on top of that, choose the skins that you want to receive. Agree with the winning chance and hit the Upgrade button.
  • Cases: If you are not a fan of the official Valve cases, then you are in luck because Insane GG has you covered. With this one, you can choose between a wide range of cases suitable for anyone’s pocket. Keep in mind that some cases can be bought at a discount which will further sway the odds in your favor.
  • Jackpot: Compete against other players by putting skins in a collective pot. After the timer runs out, you are assigned a specific number of raffle tickets based on your total stake in the pot. In the end, there is only one winner who is taking it all.
  • Bingo: By wagering on the platform, players are entitled to raffle tickets which are then used to participate in a Bingo game where you can win lucrative prizes.


Let us not forget to mention that Insane.GG also offers two premium games, that being Mines and Crash+. Both of these games come with enhanced chances of winning, but they require you to purchase a premium battle pass.

Insane GG Affiliate Program

By heading over to the Partnership section of the website, players can enlist to become partners with this gambling site. The sole purpose of such an offer is to provide players with an opportunity to make extra money that can either be spent on the website or withdrawn right away.

Existing players can create promo codes which are then distributed to friends or across social media channels. Once someone uses your code, both you and the party you invited to play on Insane.GG is in for a reward. You need to know that all of the affiliate money made can be withdrawn immediately and does not require a rollover.

Insane.GG Premium BattlePass

To get extra bang for your buck, make sure to give a premium battle pass on Insane.GG a chance. With this one, players can get their hands on exclusive deals such as premium cases, real money and skins giveaways, enticing offers, and much more.

Alongside all of the offers we just talked about, Insane.GG also offers two special games available only to gamblers who bought premium battle pass. The first game is called Crash+, and this is a brand-new game mode that comes with a small crash chance. According to the information available on the website, only 2 out of 100 rounds are going to crash right away.

Lastly, Mines Plus is another title only available to premium subscribers. With this game in premium mode, players are getting their hands on extra multipliers and various other perks. We should also mention that clan wars are available for all holders of the battle pass and coming out on top in those can win you expensive rewards.

Customer Support

Even though no one likes to run into a problem when trying to deposit, withdraw, or play their favorite casino games, the reality is, that something like this is going to happen eventually. But, once it happens, you should be provided with a proper way to reach out and get help, right?

This is where Insane.GG thrives as they are keeping things straightforward. Right now, the only way to reach out to customer support is by doing it through the live chat which is available 24/7, 7 days a week. On top of that, we should mention that a dedicated FAQ section has been put in place that can point you in the right direction regarding simple queries or issues you might be facing.


In this one, our main goal was to provide you with all available information about Insane.GG. We touched base on the site’s reputation, security features, and fairness. Moreover, we provided in-depth and detailed instructions regarding bonuses, promo codes, and other offers that can be used to get something extra for your effort.

All in all, now that you learned what this website is all about and what types of games can you play here, it is time to create an account and use a welcome bonus offer to get started on the right foot. With that being said, do not wait up and join Insane GG now!


Is Insane.GG legit?

Yes, Insane.GG is a legitimate and reputable platform that has been around since 2017. Alongside holding a valid Gambling License from the Curacao Government, Insane.GG also offers a transparent provably fair system that can be inspected and verified as soon as the game is finished.

Which games can I play on the Insane GG site?

At the time of writing, you can play the following games on Insane GG: Crash, Lava, Roll, Cases, Upgrade, Jackpot, Bingo, and Mines.

Is it possible to withdraw real money from Insane.GG?

Yes, players can withdraw real money from Insane.GG by using one of the suggested withdrawal options like cryptocurrencies.

Does Insane GG offers any bonuses?

There are a lot of unique and rewarding bonuses waiting for you on the Insane GG website. It all starts with a welcome offer, followed by the skin deposit bonus, Wheel of Fortune, Bingo Drop, and much more.