How To Withdraw On CSGORoll

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The platform is a great example of CSGO Gambling Site as it allows for fast withdrawals, firstly you might be asking if CSGORoll is legit. Well, it certainly is. The platforms accept a plethora of payment and withdrawal methods for you to choose from.

CSGORoll is one of the most popular CSGO gambling sites, allowing you to withdraw skins instantly.

The website layout is clear and responsive however you may be struggling to see how you can withdraw skins from this platform, in this article we will explain how you can withdraw skins with minimal effort on this CSGO gambling platform, which offers a multitude of CSGO skins and CSGO gambling games that you can enjoy. Either for free by using free coins or simply depositing your own CSGO items which can then be used to gamble with other users.

CSGORoll Withdraw Process

While playing CSGORoll, you can withdraw the skins you have won on the website. All the items you have won as a player will go to your inventory. When you want to withdraw a specific item you will need to redeem it for an actual skin, which will then allow the skin to go into your Steam account.

It’s very simple, simply click on the withdraw tab at the top of the website. Before opting for a withdrawal you must ensure have a balance, before starting the withdrawal process.

Instant Skins

CSGORoll has two specific options you can choose when wanting to withdraw CSGO skins. All the items that you win on CSGORoll can be used either using “Instant” or Escrow”

If the skins you want to withdraw are “listed” this means that it is available as soon as you request a CSGORoll withdrawal, and will then arrive in your steam inventory once completed for an instant withdrawal.

To be eligible for instant withdrawal to your Steam inventory you must make one deposit to the website and by making sure there are no skin trading restrictions on your Steam account.

Escrow Skins

If the skin is in “Escrow’ this means that the skin will be available after a waiting period. This can range from a few hours up to 7 days and will apply from when the request was made available.

This is due to the trade restrictions set by Steam as there is a 7-day lock once that skin is successfully traded.

CSGORoll Can’t Withdraw?

If the skin is available, but you are encountering issues wanting to withdraw from your Steam account, we recommend that you contact support.

However, before doing this you should ensure that your Steam Account is in a fully tradable state and that your Steam trade URL is correctly inputted into CSGORoll.

Can you Cancel Withdrawal Requests?

In only specific circumstances can you cancel a withdrawal request at CSGORoll? Below are some of the eligible criteria where CSGORoll will allow you to cancel your skin trading.

  • If the user’s account does not meet the specific P2P criteria.
  • If the user’s account has been flagged during the process.


If you want to make a CSGORoll withdraw it is often very simple. As long as your account meets all the requirements and you have inputted the right details within CSGORoll itself you should be good to go withdrawing at one of the best CSGO gambling sites around.

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