How To Play CS2/CS:GO On Your Phone

How To Play CS2 On a Phone

Want to play CS: GO from your phone? Well, you’re in luck. In this guide, we will tell you how to play CSGO on a phone.

With Steam Link, this is now possible, it is an app that allows you to Play PC games on smartphones and tablets. You can use Steam Link to Run CS:GO so technically this is the most official mobile version currently available, and does of course have a few drawbacks.

As CS:GO does not have a mobile release. The Steam Link allows any games that you own on Steam to be streamed to your mobile devices and tablet. The Steam Link incorporates on-screen touchscreen controls and even allows you to use a gaming controller.

Anyone who owns CSGO can use Steam Link, you just need a mobile device or tablet and a PC and for both machines to be on the same network for Steam Link to connect to another

How Well Does CSGO Work With Steam Link?

Counter Strike Global Offensive, has its obvious flaws when using Steam Link. The most common issue is the delays and frame rate drops. As you know CSGO is a highly competitive game and requires smooth inputs and zero response times for that competitive edge. Unfortunately using the Steam Link app, you will be using an onscreen controller which is certainly a major disadvantage.

It’s not recommended that you play a competitive match while using Steam Link, as it would be almost certain that you would drop a few competitive ranks after a few games, due to how disadvantaged you are.

Precision is something that is required within CS:GO and the mouse and keyboard movements certainly do not work well within a touch screen inside of Steam Link.

The Steam Link is still a great choice for other game titles that have simpler and less precision-based requirements.

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