How To Make An Animated PFP For CS2

Have you seen players in your Counter-Strike games with moving profile pictures in the form of GIFs? If you’ve ever wondered how they animated their CSGO PFP, you’ll learn everything about it here.

How To Get Animated PFP In CS2?

On Steam, you cannot upload a GIF as a profile picture; it has to be in PNG or JPG file format. The only way to get an animated CSGO PFP is to buy one from the Steam Points Shop.

What Is The Steam Points Shop?

In 2020, the owners of Steam, Valve, added a new feature for the platform called Steam Points. For every $1 a user spends buying Steam games or anything else from the Steam Store, they will receive 100 Steam Points. This does not include the Steam Community Market!


These Steam Points can be accumulated and traded for rewards in the Steam Points Shop. Unlike the Steam Community Market, all items sold in the shop are from Steam and have a fixed price. 


In the Steam Points Shop, players can buy cool profile customizations, starting from game profiles, profile backgrounds, avatar frames, stickers, emoticons, and, you guessed it, animated profile pictures. These animated profile pictures can only be bought through the Steam Points Shop and not be used in trading. 

How To Buy Animated PFP On Steam?

The first step to buying an animated profile picture on Steam is to go to the official Steam Points Shop section. 

Once you have arrived on the Points Shop, you will see your Steam Points balance on the top right of your screen. Steam Points are automatically added to your account, so the amount you see is how much you have to work with. 

In the categories section on the left, look for the “Profile” category and go to the “Avatars” section.

Now that you are in the “Animated Avatars and Frames” section look for “All Animated Avatars” and click “See All”. There should be over 1,600 animated avatars to select from.

These animated avatars come from hundreds of games and franchises available on the Steam platform, so look for any titles or themes you like.

Once you see an animated avatar you are interested in, simply click on your selection and buy it for the amount of Steam Points it costs. If you have the funds, the transaction will occur immediately and will directly go to your inventory.

Additionally, you can buy an animated avatar frame to complement your animated avatar. However, the frame will not be visible in CS2 matches. 

How Much Does An Animated Avatar Cost On Steam?

All animated profile pictures in the Steam Points Shop will cost you 3,000 Steam Points. This price tag means a user must spend $30 on the Steam Store to have enough funds to purchase an animated avatar.

How To Use The Animated PFP?

Once you have purchased at least one animated profile picture from the Steam Points Shop, you can immediately display it as your profile picture on Steam, which will also work in CS2. 

Here are the step-by-step instructions for using the animated avatar:

  1. Open your Steam client.
  2. Go to your Steam Profile.
  3. Then, click on the Edit Profile button. 
  4. In the Edit Profile menu, go to Avatar.
  5. Under the Your Avatars section, you should see a list of all Steam avatars you own. If you don’t see the animated avatar you are looking for, click See All until you find it. 
  6. Once you select the correct profile picture, click the Save button to apply your changes.

To summarize, animated CSGO PFPs on Steam can only be obtained through the Steam Points Shop. Animated avatars can be purchased for 3,000 Steam Points, equivalent to $30 on the Steam Store. Once an animated profile picture is purchased, users can immediately apply it to their Steam profile. 

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