How To Change Your Name In CS2/CSGO

You are here because you want to learn how to change name on CS:GO, and this tutorial will bring you the exact steps you need to follow. We will show you how to modify it on Steam, while in-game and via console, so you can change your name anytime you wish to.

We will also answer the most frequently asked questions about changing names in Counter-Strike, so everything can be clear and you can modify your name as you please right off the bat.

How to Change Name in CS:GO via Steam

The first method you can use to change your name involves doing it via the Steam client. If you want to go down this route, here’s how you can do it:


  1. Log into your Steam account
  2. Go to the “Friends” tab
  3. Find “Edit Profile Name”
  4. Write in your preferred name for CS:GO
  5. Click on “Save”


Instantly, the game will update your name and you will use it anytime you join a new match. This is all you need to do and it will take effect immediately.


This is the best approach if you want to change your name only once before joining a game. However, if you want to change it while in-game, below you will find the best methods for this scenario.

How to Change Name CS:GO In-Game

If you want to change your name while you’re playing CS:GO, here’s how you can do it:


  1. Press SHIFT + TAB
  2. The Steam overlay will be launched immediately
  3. Click on “Friends and Chat”
  4. Click on your name from the list of players
  5. Click on “Edit Profile Name”
  6. Edit your CS:GO name as preferred
  7. Click on “Confirm”


That’s all you need to do, as the system will automatically update your CS:GO profile name, so you can play under it in this match and all the others you decide to join. And if you want to change your name again, just follow these same steps, but we recognize it’s a tiresome process.

We honestly don’t like this method because it involves too many steps, and hence it’s not practical. If you’d like to learn a much easier and faster way to edit your name while in-game, below we will show you how to do it via the developer console, which will save you time and energy.

How to Change Your Name in CS:GO via Console

The previously explained methods work, but they involve many steps, especially if you want to change your name in CS:GO as fast and easily as possible. If you want to go straight to the point, we recommend you to learn how to edit your name via console, and here is how you can do it:


  1. Press the “~” key to launch the developer console
  2. Decide what new name you want to have in CS:GO
  3. Input the command name “new-name”
  4. Press Enter
  5. Automatically, your name will be modified by using the argument you used for the command


For example, if you want to change your name to “cLikcLak”, you’d need to input the command like this: name cLickcLack. Instantly, the game will modify your name accordingly. You can repeat this as many times as you wish, by simply following this quick tutorial.

Evidently, you can only use this method if you have already activated the developer console. In case you haven’t done it yet, here’s how you can do it:


  1. Launch CS:GO
  2. Go to the game settings
  3. Find the “Game” tab
  4. Find “Enable Developer Console”
  5. Click on “Yes” to activate the developer console
  6. Save the settings


Now you will be able to modify your name instantly via console anytime you want, because now it’s enabled and you can summon it by just clicking the “~” key, and then just follow our tutorial to edit your name as you wish.

In our opinion, this is the best way to change your name in CS:GO, as it’s fast and convenient. And since you don’t have to activate any command prior to using the name command, you can use it without restrictions in all types of matches, regardless of the server or game mode. 

How Many Times Can You Change Your Name in CS:GO?

Fortunately, you can change your name in CS:GO as many times as you wish. There are no restrictions regarding this, be it you do it via the Steam client or while in-game. Simply follow our tutorials and you’ll be able to modify your name easily.

However, we recommend you to don’t abuse this feature, because it can get you kicked. Hackers are popular for changing their names constantly and fast, and mimicking this behavior can get the admin to kick you right off the bat, or other players to call for a vote kick.

Changing names constantly will also confuse your teammates, and it can undermine the gameplay experience for everyone, especially if you’re playing Competitive, and once again, it can get you kicked and banned as you will interfere with the normal development of the match and the strategies the team wants to run.

Therefore, remember you can change your name in CS:GO without restrictions, but you need to do it responsibly, otherwise you might get kicked from the server, or even banned if you keep changing your name constantly.

Can I Use These Methods to Change My Name in CS2 As Well?

Yes, the tutorials we have shared with you on this page also work for CS2. Be it you decide to do it via the Steam client, while in-game or via console, you can follow the exact same steps as you’d in CS:GO, and they will work in Counter-Strike 2 as well.

For example, you can launch the developer console by clicking “~”, input name “your-new-name”, press Enter and it will automatically modify your name in CS2. All that’s left to do is to replace “your-new-name” for your preferred name, such as oLek1998, and it will automatically modify your name accordingly. 

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