CS2 Guide For All Marble Fade Skins

CS2 Marble Fade Guide

The title says it all, it’s a guide that will walk you through all the Marble Fade skins that exist in CS2. We will show you the different types of Marble Fade skins, what are the best Marble Fade patterns, and also bring you insights about the prices of these popular items.

At the bottom of this page, you will also find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about this weapon skin pattern.

Without anything else to say here, let’s check the full list of Marble Fade skins and patterns in CS:GO.

List of All Marble Fade Skins in CS2

Here you have the full list of all the marble fade skins that exist in the game, so you can get to know each one in detail. It’s worth noting that the only weapons that can have a Marble Fade pattern are knives and gloves. Now, check our list below.

412 Pattern (Max Fire & Ice or 1st Max)

From all the Marble Fade patterns, this one is the rarest and the most valuable, as it’s considered as the perfect combination of red and blue. This pattern is also known as Max Fire & Ice, as it features 50% of blue and maximum red, bringing a striking, exotic and beautiful look that skins collectors love madly.

When compared to other Fire & Ice patterns, this one will always sell for a higher premium, especially if we are talking about a Karambit. Because the Karambit  Marble Fade with the seed #412 is the most valuable skins from the family of Marble Fade patterns, thanks to its premium blend of blue and red, which is not found in other seeds.

For example, a Karambit with the Marble Fade finish and the pattern #412 can easily sell for over $7,000-$10,000 USD, making it an exotic and highly valuable skin.

Fire & Ice

The Fire & Ice pattern is one of the most beautiful and demanded patterns in the world of CS:GO, and it’s characterized by the presence of mostly red and blue on the blade, with minimal to no yellow hues. 

The most popular and valuable Fire & Ice seeds are the ones with a 50% or more of red present, with a lower percentage of blue and no sign of yellow. 

It’s worth noting that the only weapons that can have a Fire & Ice pattern are the following:


  • Karambit
  • Bayonet
  • Flip Knife
  • Gut Knife


This also applies to the 412 Pattern, as it’s just the Max Fire and Ice category. Therefore, you can only find skins such as a Karambit Marble Fade, which is amongst the rarest and most expensive games in CS2.

The price for all the alternative Fire & Ice patterns will range from $1,000 to $9,000, seeds such as #743, which is a 3rd Max.

Ice & Gold

The Ice & Gold is a beautiful pattern that won’t sell for as much as a Max Fire & Ice or regular Fire & Ice skin, but it will still allow you to sell your item for a nice premium. It’s characterized by its high percentage of blue and yellow, bringing it a golden like appearance, usually free from red hues, and this is why it’s also known as “Piss and Ice”.

When compared to the popularity of Fire and Ice patterns, there’s a massive difference, and it’s also reflected on the dynamics of the market and prices. Because the skins with this seed will usually sell for just 10-20% over the average market price of the knife.

It’s also important to note that the most valuable skins in this category tend to be blue dominant, covering more than 50% of the blade.

Fire & Gold

Next we have the Fire & Gold pattern, which is characterized by presenting just two colors on the backside: red and yellow. Just like the Ice and Piss pattern, this one is far less popular than the Fire & Ice skins, and hence it will sell closer to the original price of the items that have it.

The most valuable skins with this pattern are the ones with a higher percentage of fire vs gold, preferably with over 50% of red present on the backside. As you can already guess, there’s no pure “Fire & Gold” knives out there, because this combination of colors cannot be found on the play side and this makes it a less-desirable skin in comparison to the premium Fire & Ice seeds.

The skins with this Marble Fade pattern tend to be closer to the original market value, because if you browse them online, you’ll see there’s very little discussion about them, and it’s reflected on the market dynamics for this type of Marble Fade pattern.


This pattern is characterized by presenting equal amounts of blue, red and yellow, hence it receives the name of “Tricolour”. In this category, the most valuable versions are the Max Red Tip and Max Blue Tip, whereas the Max Yellow Tip is the less desirable one, and hence it sells close to the original market value of this skin.

In this section, we can also include the Marble Fade Specialist Gloves, because they feature an outstanding blend of yellow, blue and red, bringing it a superb look that traders and collectors are ready to pay over $3,000 for.

What are the Best Marble Fade Patterns?

If you are wondering which ones are the best marble fade patterns, in case you want to stock up your inventory or invest into these skins for reselling them at a high price in the future, here you have a list with the top options:


  • 412 Pattern (Max Fire & Ice)
  • Fire & Ice
  • Ice & Gold


We have determined it based on the following factors:


  • Popularity
  • Market Value


These patterns are the most popular and valuable from the Marble Fade family, and we have ranked them in order of important, where the 412 pattern, also known as Max Fire & Ice, is the top one because a skin with this seed can easily sell for a 1,000% premium in comparison to the standard price of the weapon.

Therefore, if you are here to learn more about these patterns because you’re interested in acquiring them for trading and arbitraging, we recommend you to focus on these three Marble Fade seeds, as they are the most valuable and demanded in the market.

About CS:GO Case Opening and Marble Fade Skins

If you are wondering whether it’s possible to drop Marble Fade skins by opening CS:GO cases, you’ll be happy to know it’s possible, but it’s not as easy as it seems. Let’s start by listing the CS2 cases that can drop Marble Fade Karambits, M9 Bayonets, Gut Knives and Flip Knives:


  • Chroma (Karambit)
  • Chroma 2
  • Chroma 3


Now let’s review the cases that can drop a Marble Fade Falchion Knife, Butterfly Knife, Huntsman Knife, Shadow Daggers, or Bowie Knife:


  • Spectrum 2 Case
  • Spectrum Case


And here you have the cases that can drop a Marble Fade Navaja Knife. Ursus Knife or Stiletto Knife:


  • Prisma Case
  • Prisma 2 Case


If you’re looking forward to unboxing Marble Fade Gloves, you can only get them by opening the following CS:GO cases:


  • Recoil Case
  • Snakebite Case
  • Operation Broken Fang Case


We mentioned it’s not as easy as it seems because dropping a knife from a CS:GO case is hard, because it will take you approximately 391 opens to obtain it. It’s a costly and tiring process. The same goes for gloves, bringing you less than 1% of chances of dropping them or a knife with a valuable Marble Fade pattern.


For more information about the marble fade pattern in CS2, below you have the answers to the most frequently asked questions about it.

What is the rarest Marble Fade?

The rarest Marble Fade is the Karambit | Marble Fade with the pattern #412, which makes it Max Fire & Ice. It’s extremely hard to obtain by opening CS:GO cases, and hence it’s sold by a steep premium on marketplaces.

What is the best pattern for the Navaja Marble Fade?

The Max Red Tip is the best pattern for the Navaja Marble Fade, as it will sell for the highest premium in comparison to other variations of the Navaja | Marble Fade skin. The second place goes to the Max Blue Tip, which is also a rare and highly-sought after Marble Fade pattern.

What cases have Karambit Marble Fade?

The cases that have a Karambit Marble Fade are the Chroma, Chroma 2, and Chroma 3 cases. Their prices are $5.03, $5.38 and $5.88 respectively, and their ROI is below 60%, making them high-risk cases, especially since the Karambit is a Rare Drop, thus you’ll have less than 1% chance of getting it.

Do Marble Fade gloves have different patterns?

Yes, Marble Fade gloves have different patterns, and they can make their price be as low as $130 or surpass the $3,000 mark if they have a valuable seed such as #763, which is one of the rarest and most demanded patterns for the Specialist Gloves.

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