Does CSGO Still Exist After CS2 Update?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive CS:GOhas been a staple in the gaming community since its release in 2012. With its intense gameplay, strategic depth, and loyal fanbase, CS:GO has become a timeless classic in the first-person shooter genre. However, the introduction of the CS2 update marked a significant turning point in the game’s history. Unlike previous installments where a new release would come as its own shipped out product, Counter-Strike 2 was released as a permanent “update” to CS:GO, completely rewriting the previous game.

What Happened to CSGO?

Unlike past Counter-Strike iterations, CS2 wasn’t released as an update to CS:GO. Instead, it functioned as a complete overhaul, effectively replacing CS:GO. That being said, Global Offensive can now no longer be played through any normal means unless Valve releases it as its own separate game later on. This approach might have been done to avoid a division in player base such as the case when Global Offensive originally released, but it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Overwriting CS:GO

Focus on Counter-Strike 2

Not having to care about maintaining CS:GO or its servers anymore allows everyone involved at Valve to focus their time and resources on the development of their new title. This allows for faster development cycles, smoother integration of new features, and potentially a more refined gameplay experience. This has also been noticed by supporters, with many patches and updates released almost every week ranging from minor fixes to major content additions. 

Source 2 Engine

CS:GO ran on the classic Source engine for its 11 years of life. While it certainly did the trick and gave the title a strong platform to turn itself into a world-class esport, it was already outdated halfway into Global Offensive’s run and the calls for a transition to the newer Source 2 engine started to come. CS2 was released on the Source 2 engine and the differences in terms of graphics have never been clearer, with better map aesthetics and overall designs in terms of weapon finishes and even base designs.

Disadvantages of Overwriting CS:GO

Outdated Player Hardware

CS:GO being an old game meant that the hardware required to run it smoothly had a low minimal requirement, making even the most humble of setups capable of operating the game. With the new title, however, more power is demanded to run it even at minimal capability which means that certain players are now no longer able to enjoy the franchise since their personal devices are not up to date with the necessary components to play CS2. 

Lessened Community Workshop Items

The CS:GO community has generated a vast library of custom maps, game modes, and other content. While some of this might be ported to CS2, a significant portion may not be compatible, leading to a potential loss of variety and player-driven experiences. Iconic maps used for practice or casual fun with friends or even bots might need to be started on from scratch again.

Different Gameplay

Players accustomed to CS:GO’s mechanics and features might find the transition to CS2 jarring. Muscle memory built up over years may need readjusting, and adapting to a potentially different experience can get frustrating for anyone. Even pro players such as the CS:GOAT, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, are not completely happy with the new game’s movement and gunplay even as of May 2024.

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