Datdrop Giftcards Guide

If you’re curious about DatDrop gift cards, including where to find them, the various types available, and what cases you can buy with them, this guide has you covered.

We will bring you all the information you need about DatDrop gift cards, so you can buy yours today to buy your favorite cases from the store such as Original Cases, Weapon Cases, Hall of Fame Cases and Come & Go Cases.

Best Online Offers for DatDrop Gift Card

We have selected the best sites for buying DatDrop gift cards in 2024, so you can get yours with confidence to buy your favorite cases and skins at DatDrop:

These sites are 100% legit and safe, so you can buy as many DatDrop gift cards as you need with total confidence.

Moreover, since these are authorized marketplaces, they can offer discounts on DatDrop gift cards, enabling you to fund your account at a lower price than the actual cost.

What is a DatDrop Gift Card?

It’s a payment method that will bring you a special code you can redeem at DatDrop to credit your account balance with the value of the gift card. The value of DatDrop gift cards ranges from $2.00 to $500.00 USD, which you can use to buy cases from its marketplace, such as Chroma 2, Joker, Luxury Knives Case, High Roller Case, amongst others.

DatDrop introduced this payment method to provide users with a secure way to fund their accounts and to offer them the option to gift funds to other users for purchasing cases on the platform.

Gift cards provide several benefits to DatDrop users, including the convenience of not needing to enter card details to fund their account, as well as the opportunity to access exclusive discounts available for this payment method.

Types of DatDrop Gift Cards

Here you have a list with the different types of DatDrop gift cards you will find in the market, so you can buy the best one for your needs and goals.

DatDrop 2 USD Gift Card

This is the most popular choice amongst users who want to try out DatDrop without risk. Because it’s cheap and will credit your balance with $2.00. You can use this for buying the cheapest cases such as the Revolver, Wildfire, Chroma 2, Bud, Game of Thrones, amongst others.

DatDrop 5 USD Gift Card

This gift card will credit your account balance with $5.00 USD. It’s the best choice if you are just starting out and you want to test the waters at DatDrop. It will allow you to buy the most affordable cases from its marketplace such as the Pontiac, Ossium, Pain, The Gods & Monsters, Triple 9 Case, amongst others.

DatDrop 10 USD Gift Card

This gift card will credit your account balance with $10.00 USD. Just like the 5 USD gift card, it’s a great choice if you are testing the waters. With this balance, you will be able to buy cases such as Fade Hunter, Hustler, 10% Knife, DISCO and Extra Rifles.

DatDrop 25 USD Gift Card

This gift card will credit your account balance with $25.00. This is a good choice if you want to buy 2 or more affordable cases, as it’s the best way to start stacking up your inventory with new exotic skins. Thanks to this gift card, you can buy multiple cheap cases, or more exclusive cases such as the Fireworks, The Bait, Goodnight, Timebomb and Ice Storm.

DatDrop 50 USD Gift Card

This is an excellent option for returning users or those ready to open multiple cases. You will receive $50.000 thanks to this gift card, which is enough for buying multiple cheap cases, or buy one of the top cases such as the Cosmos, Katowice, Stonks, Boaster and 5% Dream.

DatDrop 100 USD Gift Card

This is when things start getting interesting and you need to fund your account with more money. Thanks to this gift card, you will get $100.00 for buying the cases you wish. You can opt for buying multiple cheap cases, or you can use the funds to open some of the most exotic cases such as the Joker, Cataclysm, Grinch Case and Berserk.

DatDrop 250 USD Gift Card

This is one of the most popular gift cards amongst seasoned DatDrop users because it will credit your account balance with $250.00, which is plenty for buying several cases, or spending it all into top-of-the-self cases such as the Beans & Greens, Crimson and Neon Dream.

DatDrop 500 USD Gift Card

This is high roller territory, because this gift card will credit your DatDrop balance with $500.00. Being a big enough bankroll, you can use it for buying lots of affordable cases, or buying the top boxes such as the Madness, Spendthrift and Green Fingers.


Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about DatDrop gift cards, so you can learn more about them.

Can you buy cases with DatDrop gift cards?

Yes, you can purchase cases at DatDrop using gift cards. These cards add funds to your account balance, allowing you to buy cases directly from the store, be it King Cases, Come & Go Cases, Popular Cases or Original Cases.

Are the DatDrop gift cards credited to your account balance?

Yes, once you claim your gift card at DatDrop, the system will instantly credit your account balance with the value of the card. For example, if you claim a 50 USD gift card, then you will receive $50.00 for buying cases.

Are DatDrop gift cards free?

No, DatDrop gift cards aren’t free. You need to buy them at reputable marketplaces such as Kinguin. They can be as cheap as $2.00 USD, and our recommended sites can bring you discounts to make them even more affordable.

Can you redeem the same DatDrop gift card multiple times?

No, a DatDrop gift card can only be redeemed once. 

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