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CS Money Review – Is It Legit?

CS.MONEY is a legit platform and a popular skin marketplace but it won’t automatically make it the best trading platform for you – check out our review to learn more about this CSGO trading website.
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A pioneer in the world of CSGO trading, CSMoney has been helping traders around the world buy, sell and exchange skins since 2016. With over 80,000 skins and items available, a high-tech bot for fast trades, and a bonus of up to 35% extra on your deposit, it’s easy to see why over 120K visitors land on the CS.MONEY website every day to trade skins.


CSMoney was created in 2016 with the goal of allowing users around the world to trade, buy and sell CS:GO skins and items easily. Its founder, Pavel Dunaev, has managed to make the website grow from an underground marketplace into one of the most prominent skins and in-game items trading websites for CS:GO fans, registering more than 4,700,000 visits per month.

Thanks to features such as AI-powered easy pricing and measures to make sure transactions are fair and safe, it quickly won its place in the world of CS:GO trading. Later in 2021, it became part of the EX CORP. ecosystem, also founded and run by Pavel Dunaev. Nowadays it operates from Cyprus and is supplemented by services from other companies from EX CORP. such as CS:GO analysis.

The Major Strike CS.MONEY Has Suffered

It suffered a hack attack on August 13, 2022, resulting in $1.6M worth of skins and items being stolen. CSMoney managed to overcome this problem, launching the Skin Traders Alliance (STA) in 2023, along with other skins trading sites such as CS.Trade, LisSkins, NeshaStore and WaxPeer to promote a safe and secure trading experience for everyone in general by making sure its game platform is secure. With its person-to-person connection when it comes to buying and making a withdraw.

Innovation at its Peak

CSMoney is one of the few CSGO trading websites that has a mobile app, making it even easier for traders to buy, sell and exchange skins and items. This move has allowed CSMoney to remain competitive and completely surpass its hack incident from 2022, by bringing traders an outstanding experience and providing excellent customer support to all on offer.

Because users demanded it, CSMoney also launched a new way of trading in November 2022: Market Mode. Similar to P2P trading, it allowed traders to sell and trade skins and items from their own inventory with lower fees, where sellers and buyers can log in to track the items on offer.


Thanks to being a pioneer in this market and adapting to the passing of time, CSMoney has become synonymous with CS:GO skins trading with its huge selection. Since 2016, it has grown into a stronghold for exchanging, buying and selling skins and items with over 4.7M visits per month and a solid online presence:

  • Rated 4.9 out of 5.0 at Trustpilot with over 3,800 reviews (93% are 5-star reviews)
  • The King of CS:GO Trading on Twitter with over 173,000 followers and a high engagement rate
  • The Go-To Channel for CSGO Trading on YouTube with over 103,000 subs and 24M+ views
  • A Loyal Following on Discord with over 28,000 subs and 2,000-3,000 active users at any time of the day
  • The Most Discussed CSGO Trading Platform on Reddit with over 3M threads dedicated to it


Highly Targeted Traffic for Fast Trades

The 4.7M visitors that land on CSMoney every month are involved with the platform because this trading site has over 212,000 listed offers, guaranteeing you fast trades thanks to its outstanding liquidity. The platform registers trades every second, and since most rely on the bot, you can buy, sell and exchange immediately.

Market Type

CSMoney is known as a bot-based trading where you need to deposit the CS:GO skins and items you want to sell into the bot’s Steam account, but it can offer you a huge selection. Here you have a breakdown on all the market types available at CSMoney.

  • Trade Mode: You can deposit your CSGO skins and items into the bot’s steam account for trading them automatically. You can use this mode to trade your skins for other skins, and you can also buy and sell
  • Sell Mode: You can use this mode to sell your skins automatically with the help of CS.MONEY’s bot. You deposit the skins into the bot’s Steam account, you set a price and if someone buys them, the bot will process the transaction automatically
  • Auction Mode: You can use this mode to bid on CS:GO skins and items, and if your bid price wins then you will have to buy them. It works like a conventional auction and you can only via skins and items using your account balance
  • Market Mode: This mode is similar to P2P trading or Private Sales at SkinBaron, because you can create your offers to trade with other users without using the CSMoney’s bot. You will need the Market Extension for its website or to download the CSMoney mobile app to use this trading mode. You can keep using your skins and items until sold because they will remain in your inventory.


What Trading Mode Should You Choose to Trade Skins at CSMoney?

The Trade, Sell and Auction Mode run thanks to the platform’s bot, whereas Market Mode is similar to P2P trading. Because there’s no assistance from the bot and you need to look for traders on your own. If you have issues the CSMoney customer support team will happily assist. Here is an explanation on what type of trading would suit you best:

Trading Mode When To Use?
Trade Mode
  • If you want to exchange skins and items for other skins and items automatically
  • If you want to grow your inventory automatically
Sell Mode
  • If you want to sell your skins and items fast using your own pricing tag
  • If you want to turn you skins and items into money as soon as possible
Auction Mode
  • If you want to bid on skins and items with the goal of finding attractive deals
  • If you want to sell your skins and items via auction automatically
Market Mode
  • If you already have a group interested in buying your skins and you want to use CS.MONEY as an escrow
  • If you want to reduce the selling fee and you’re willing to look for traders and buyers on your own

Buying & Selling Fees

CS.MONEY offers a 0% buying fee and the selling fee will range from 4.00% up to 20.00%, and here you have the breakdown on how much you’d have to pay when selling or trading at this platform:

Type of Fee Fee
Standard selling fee (trade, sell and action mode) 7.00%
Selling fee with PRIME Subscription (trade, sell and action mode) 4.00%
(Subscription cost: $8.99/month)
Selling a CSGO skin worth less than $1000 via Market Mode 5.00%
Selling a CSGO skin worth more than $1000 via Market Mode 3.00%

These are the standard fees that will apply to the majority of trades and transactions, but CSMoney can charge extra fees based on the hold period, here you have the breakdown:

Hold Period Charge
7 days of hold 10 to 11%
2-6 days of hold 4 to 6%
0-1 days of hold 6 to 13%
1-2 days after hold 7 to 10%
2-5 days after hold 3 to 7%
6+ days after hold 0%

For example, if you sell a skin via Sell Mode without a PRIME subscription, and with 0-1 days of hold, your selling fee will range from 13% to 20%. These are the so-called “hidden fees” that CSMoney can impose to trade, but we’re sharing them with you so you can trade safely.

Is CS.MONEY an Expensive Trading Site?

If you aren’t aware of the extra charges, then it can become a pricey trading site because the fees can reach 20%, making it more expensive than Steam Market (15%).

If you are planning to trade often at CSMoney, buying the PRIME subscription will save you plenty of money in the long run. However, you need to focus on trading CSGO skins and items categorized as “6 days after hold”, otherwise you’ll end up paying extra charges.

This can diminish the trading experience because you’ll have to watch out closely for the items you’re trading. Because if they are expensive, then the extra charges will take a big chunk out of your profits.

About the PRIME Subscription to Reduce Fees

PRIME costs $8.99 per month and it will reduce your fees down 7% to just 4%, making it one of the most affordable CSGO trading sites. This subscription will also bring you access to the 3D skin viewer, a bigger top-up business of 45% extra, and special discounts when buying skins with cash.

This is a common practice amongst CSGO platforms, and after comparing it to other competitors, we find that CS.MONEY’s PRIME subscription which is secure and well is worth the money thanks to the lower selling fee, bigger bonuses and special discounts. The prime subscription and its operation is available in most countries, so feel free to visit this part of the website.

Deposit & Payout Methods

CS.MONEY offers the following deposit methods for buying CSGO skins and items:

  • Visa and MasterCard
  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum

CS.MONEY doesn’t charge fees for deposits, but the service you use might do. For example, credit cards can charge extra fees, whereas cryptocurrencies charge little to no fees.

The Payout Methods and Cash Out Experience at CS.MONEY

This trading site only allows you to withdraw your Market balance on a Visa card (min. Cashout: $5.00). The process can take up to 5 days and CS.MONEY doesn’t charge fees for this service. Compared to other CSGO trading platforms, CS.MONEY falls short in this area. Especially because you need to complete all the necessary KYC procedures.


  • Buy more skins thanks to the 35% extra deposit bonus
  • Sell your CSGO skins and items fast thanks to its outstanding liquidity
  • Auctioning mode available for taking advantage of exclusive deals
  • Sell directly to other users without using the bot
  • Great prices for sellers
  • You can find excellent prices when buying
  • A wide variety of CSGO skins and items with over 15,000 different types listed for trading
  • Exclusive 3D inspection tool for analyzing skins prior to purchase


  • Selling fee can reach up to 20%
  • Prices can be higher than Steam Market

Verdict: Should You Trade at CS.MONEY?

So the final verdict is CSMoney legit?

Yes, because it’s a legit CS:GO trading site that has been running since 2016 with millions of users around the world that have rated it 4.9 out of 5.0, making it the highest-rated CS:GO trading platform in the world, as you can tell from its rate of negative reviews being low, and the amount of Google searches the site gets.

Thanks to its generous bonuses, special discounts, efficient trading modes and huge inventory of skins and items, it’s an excellent platform for buying, selling and trading CSGO skins and items with a platform that has plenty of unique features that make it possible to buy and sell a skin for cash, with many different withdrawal options not to mention its easy purchase options.

The customer support of CSmoney is also fantastic, this comes in handy if you have issues when it comes to purchasing skins and when you come to sell skins, by using the trading bots to complete your trades.

We recommend you try out CS.MONEY. you will always find great a price and a wide variety of skins available. So as stated previously CSMoney is legit and if you want to start of earning cash.

If you use CSMoney safely you should not be at risk of getting scammed.

We hope you enjoyed the CSMoney review.