How To Cashout Your Balance From CS Money

The global ecosystem of Counter-Strike skins can really stand on its own, completely separated from the main game. As a matter of fact, it can be said that there are a decent number of CS users that never even touch the matchmaking menu of the game and merely use it as a platform to trade skins and make money in the real world. The Arms Deal update brought the concept of customized weapon finishes for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to life, and the world has changed for better or worse because of it. With transactions seemingly limited to the Steam community market, there has been an increase in third-party websites that allow the buying, selling, and trading of skins on their own platforms in exchange for money. Amongst the most popular and trusted of the bunch, even by the professionals themselves, is CS.Money.

What is CS.Money?

CS.Money was founded in 2016 during the peak of CS:GO skin trading and gambling, with the site focusing on the market aspect of the business. It has steadily built up its reputation of becoming one of the most reliable and trustworthy third party marketplaces for CS skins over its eight years of existence, leading to many partnerships with professional players and organizations.

Apart from just a website, CS.Money also has a mobile app which makes trading on the go even more accessible than ever. Their computed market value often differs from what is seen on the Steam community market, though it could also be for reasons relating to cashing out an item that naturally cannot be exchanged for real money once it’s in the Steam ecosystem.

Can You Cash Out CS Money?

CS.Money not only offers a virtual area to trade items and other cosmetics, but a global marketplace where users can buy and sell their skins freely. After a successful sale, your earnings will be transferred to your CS.Money balance waiting to be used on a different weapon finish or to be cashed out for any available currency. First time users can get lost on the site and often ask themselves the question “can I withdraw money from CS Money?” and the answer would be a resounding yes! The instructions are as follows:

First, the account must be verified on the website to continue the withdrawal process. If unverified, users may complete a simple verification process in order to access all the features CS.Money has to offer. With a fully verified account, the cash out section can be accessed on the sidebar at the left hand portion of the main page. From there, a user must enter their details including exactly how much to take from their CS.Money balance in order to proceed further. As of March 2024, CS.Money only allows the withdrawal of funds to an existing VISA card with a daily withdrawal limit of $1,000.

How Long Does CS Money Withdrawal Take?

CS.Money’s withdrawal process varies on a case-to-case basis. It can reflect on your VISA card from anywhere between one hour to a maximum of five business days at the latest. The website does not charge a withdrawal commission, however the user’s credit card or region policies may apply deductions to the final amount received.

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