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CSGOFast Promo Code: use CSDB as the Code for 2024
What is the CSGOFast bonus code?

The latest CSGOFast bonus code for March 2024 is CSDB. Confirmed valid for the Cheltenham Festival, the exclusive code unlocks access to free cases and skins.

Would you like to unlock free no deposit bonuses, free coins, matched deposit bonuses and free CS:GO cases at CSGOFast? Then you need to claim a CSGOFast promo code, also known as the CSGOFast casino code or referral code. 

This special key will unlock all the promotions and bonuses available at this prestigious CS:GO gambling site, and it’s 100% free.

CSGOFast Promo & Referral Codes 2024: List of Bonuses and Offers

Because we want to help you start playing at CSGOFast the right way, we have created a list with the most rewarding CSGOFast promo codes in 2024. Check it out below and claim your favorite casino code now.

List of CSGOFast Promo & Referral Codes

Here you have the list with the latest available promo and referral codes you can claim at CSGOFast:

If you don’t know how to claim the promo and referral codes, you will find a tutorial on how to do it below.

How to Use the CSFOFast Promo Code

If you are ready to claim the CSGOFast bonus code but you don’t know how, here’s how you can do it in only 5 steps:


  1. Visit CSGOFast.com
  2. Click on “Login”
  3. Sign up via Steam, Google, VK, Facebook, Discord or Telegram
  4. Click on the Dollar Icon at the top of the page or visit https://csgofast.com/bonuses
  5. Type in your favorite promo code from our list
  6. Click on “Activate”
  7. Enjoy your free bonuses


Now you can go ahead and use your CSGOFast promo code to unlock your exclusive bonuses and start playing your favorite games. 

What is the CSGOFast Promo Code or Referral Code?

It is an exclusive key that users can use when signing up to claim welcome bonuses, as well as for activating promotions once you become a registered user. It’s also known as the CSGOFast referral code and the CSGOFast casino code.

The CSGOFast promo code will bring you access to both no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses, as well as other promotions such as rakeback, cashback, daily bonuses, free coins and free cases and skins.

The promo code is also a smart marketing tactic that has allowed CSGOFast to become one of the most popular CS:GO gambling sites nowadays with over 157,000 monthly visits and thousands of active users who play their games every day.

Pros and Cons of CSGOFast Promo Codes

If you are not 100% sure about claiming the CSGOFast promo code, let’s compare the pros and cons to help you decide easily:


Pros Cons
Get free coins with no deposit instantly Some bonuses require a real money deposit
Get up to 15% extra on your first deposit The promo code is restricted in some countries
Get free CS:GO cases and skins
Get free spins for the Wheel of Fortune
Test the waters without risk
Build a bankroll for free


Is CSGOFast Legit?

Yes, CSGOFast is a legit CS:GO casino with headquarters in Nicosia, Cyprus that has been operating since 2015. During this time, CSGOFast has built a solid reputation amongst skins and crypto gamblers, and it has survived the most challenging events in the history of CS:GO gambling such as the CSGOLounge and CSGOLotto scandals. 

CSGOFast is a pioneer with a solid and clean track, which has allowed it to obtain a rating of 4.2/5.0 on Trustpilot with over 800 reviews. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended on Twitter, Steam Community, HLTV and other forums.

When it comes to the promo code, it’s also legit because thousands of users have been able to claim it since 2015. Therefore, it offers a 100% success rate, as it delivers exactly what it promises.

Types of Accounts Available at CSGOFast

Let’s explore the different types of accounts you can get at CSGOFast after joining it with our recommended promo code.


This is the first type of account you will get as a new user. It’s like a test run before you fully join. You can play with some free coins and try out different games like Crash and Roulette. The only limits are a maximum of $5.00 in your account balance and a maximum of $0.50 per wager.


A Bronze Account is for players who put money in but don’t have any left at the moment. It’s better than a Demo account because you can join raffles and special events, and you can also get new bonuses for existing users.


If you have funds in your account balance, then you can claim a Silver Account, which will bring you access to lots of more benefits and features such as cashback, rakeback and more bonuses. 


The Gold Account is the next step after the Silver Account, because it brings you access to even more bonuses and additional benefits such as a bigger cashback percentage. Unfortunately, it’s currently unavailable. 


If you deposit $5,000 in your account in a month, you will get a Platinum Account. This will bring you access to more benefits such as a minimum $5.00 cashback, free CS:GO cases, free spins for the Wheel of Fortune and exclusive reload bonuses. And you will also get 20% more points in the Leaders Race.


This account offers you everything from the Platinum level but with important improvements: you get an extra 30% more points in the Leaders Race and 4 free spins every month. To get access to this level, you need to deposit at least $50,000 in a month, hence it’s known as the High Roller Account as well.

Types of Bonuses at CSGOFast

Let’s explore the different types of bonuses available at CSGOFast, which you can claim thanks to the promo, referral and casino codes.

Free CS:GO Cases

CSGOFast is famous for rewarding new and existing players with free CS:GO cases. Thanks to the CSGOFast bonus code from our ranking, you can also claim your free welcome CS:GO case, bringing you the chance of unboxing a premium skin without charge.

Free CSGOFast Coins

You can also claim free coins at CSGOFast without making a first deposit. Also known as the CSGOFast no deposit bonus, you can claim it by using the promo code, and you will get a generous chunk of free coins to play your favorite games like Crash, Roulette and Tower without risk.

First Deposit Matched Bonus

The CSGOFast promo or casino code will also allow you to claim an exclusive first deposit matched bonus to receive additional free coins. You can obtain up to 15% extra on your first deposit, instantly boosting your bankroll to play and win more.

Reload Bonus

After joining CSGOFast and using the promo code, you will also unlock promotions for existing users such as the reload bonus. If available, CSGOFast will notify you, and once you make a new deposit, the CSGO gambling site will reward you with extra coins for free.


CSGOFast will also reward you with rakeback, which is a percentage of all the money wagered on this CSGO gambling site. Similar to cashback, this is an exclusive promotion for existing players that will help you to administer your bankroll by minimizing the impact of losses.

Referral Bonuses

Just like you are claiming a referral code now, you can also create your own referral code to invite new players to join CSGOFast. Thanks to this, you can earn free cash, free CS:GO cases, deposit bonuses and free coins.

Daily Bonuses

CSGOFast likes to reward loyal users every day, hence you can take advantage of daily bonuses. After joining CSGOFast by using the promo code, you will activate this promotion and you will be able to claim it every fast to obtain free coins and free cases.

CSGOFast Review: Full Analysis

CSGOFast has become one of the best CS:GO gambling sites, and the reasons go beyond its promo and casino codes. In this review, you’ll get to know all the benefits that CSGOFast has to offer you.


CSGOFast offers an excellent selection of CS:GO gambling sites such as:


  • CS:GO Crash
  • Baccarat
  • Fast
  • Poggi
  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Classic
  • Double
  • Hi Lo
  • CS:GO Tower
  • X50
  • Slots
  • Craft
  • Cases Opening


They all are 100% Provably Fair, which guarantees fair, transparent and verifiable results. Furthermore, they offer a superb gameplay experience on desktop and mobile, making CSGOFast an excellent choice for CS:GO gambling.

And since you can claim free coins by using the casino code, you’ll get the chance to play these exciting games without risk. Be it a daring wager on CSGO Crash or trying to get to the top on CS:GO Tower, you can play these games for free thanks to the welcome bonus.


CSGOFast is one of the most generous CS2 casinos in existence, because it offers plenty of bonuses for new users thanks to the promo and casino codes, and they also offer a wide myriad of promotions for existing players such as cashback, rakeback, free coins and reload bonuses.

Furthermore, since there are different types of accounts, you get the chance to climb up the ranks to unlock even more benefits, which makes CSGOFast a highly rewarding CS.GO gambling site.

Payment Methods

CSGOFast also puts a large selection of payment methods at your disposal, so you can get funds in and out of the CS2 casino as you wish:


  • CSGO skins
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, ETH, USDT, etc.)
  • Skrill
  • Visa/Mastercard
  • Klarna
  • WebMoney
  • GameMoney
  • Paysafecard (Find Paysafecard CSGO gambling sites here)
  • QIWI
  • YooMoney
  • ADVcash
  • Connectum
  • EcoPayz
  • WMZ


For instant withdrawals, we recommend you to rely on CS:GO skins and cryptocurrencies. CSGOFast approves withdrawals in record time, so you can expect to receive your new skins instantly or winnings via crypto in 1-2 hours.

Mobile Gameplay Experience

CSGOFast is perfectly adapted for mobile gambling, as it supports all browsers on iOS and Android. Furthermore, thanks to its 100% responsive technology, it can adapt to any type of screen and resolution.


During the test, we also found that CSGOFast has been designed to prevent “fat finger” mistakes, so you don’t make any accidental bets that would hurt your bankroll. Thanks to this user-friendly interface, CSGOFast offers an entertaining, engaging and safe mobile gambling experience.


Below, you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the promo, referral and casino codes by CSGOFast.

Is the CSGOFast casino code the same as the CSGOFast promo code?

Yes, the CSGOFast casino code is the same as the promo code. Using it will allow you to claim free cash for playing your favorite CS:GO gambling games such as CSGO Roulette, Crash, Tower and Slots.

Is the CSGOFast promo code free?

Yes, the CSGOFast promo code is free. You can claim it on registration and you will receive the promised bonuses instantly.

What is the CSGOFast demo account?

It’s a type of account for new users, which brings you the opportunity to play at CSGOFast for free and without risk. The maximum account balance is $5.00 and you can wager a maximum of $0.50 at a time.

Are CSGOFast promo codes CSGO coupons?

Yes, the CSGOFast promo codes are a type of CSGO coupons that you can redeem as a new user to claim exclusive bonuses such as first deposit matched bonuses, free rakeback, free cases and free coins.

Can you claim the CSGOFast promo code multiple times?

No, you cannot claim the CSGOFast promo code multiple times and it’s only available for new users.