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What is the CSGODouble promo code?

The CSGODouble Promo Code is no longer valid, due to the platform closing its operations.

Did you know that you could claim free coins at CSGO Double? However, it’s only possible by redeeming the CSGO Double promo code. Unfortunately, the site is no longer active, but here you will find more information about this promotion, as well as an alternative.

CSGO Double Promo Code 2024: Bonuses + Review

We will also bring you more information about this former CS:GO gambling site and its main offer for new users, the promotional code to unlock welcome bonuses.

List of CSGO Double Promo Codes

Here you have the list of promo codes that CSGO Double used to offer when it was active:

The promo code was free to claim and you would obtain the free coins instantly. CSGO Double would reward you with $0.50 worth of free coins that you could wager on games such as CS:GO Roulette.

Because the site is no longer active, because they haven’t updated their social media channels such as Twitter since 2016, we recommend you to claim a promo code from the following CS:GO gambling sites instead:



All of these CS2 gambling sites are active and they are legit, ready to reward you with generous welcome bonuses and offers for new and existing players.

Furthermore, they surpass CSGO Double in all the areas that matter: they offer more games, their bonuses are bigger, their selection of skins and items is larger and they offer a smooth banking experience with multiple payment methods such as skins and cryptocurrencies.

If you want to learn how players used to claim it, you will find more information about it below.

How to Claim the CSGO Double Promo Code

Here is how players used to claim the promo code for CSGO Double when it was active:


  1. Visit CSGODouble.com
  2. Sign up or log in via Steam
  3. Click on “Redeem”
  4. Enter the promo code for CSGO Double
  5. Click on “Claim” to receive your bonus.


The bonus code was 100% free and the bonus was credited instantly to your account balance, ready for you to use it on your favorite games.

What is the CSGO Double Promo Code?

The promo code for CSGO Double was a promotional code available for new users. It brought players the opportunity to claim bonuses such as $0.50 worth of free coins, free CS:GO skins and free CS:GO cases.

CSGO Double launched this offer to compete against other CS:GO gambling sites. Even though it delivered solid results at first, it wasn’t enough to keep up with the competition. Therefore, the promo code stopped working in July 2016, and shortly after CSGO Double ended its operations.

Despite offering generous bonuses such as the promo code, a solid CS:GO Roulette game, support for cryptocurrencies and a fair selection of skins and items, it failed to remain competitive, and hence they were not generating a significant profit, and the team decided to end the project.

CSGO Double Review: Beyond the Promo Code

Let’s review CSGO Double to discover if it was a good CS:GO gambling site or if its only advantage was its promotional code for new players.


CSGO Double focused on hosting classic games such as CSGO Roulette and Jackpots. The selection of games was extremely limited, but back then there were not many CS:GO gambling games, and hence they only offered what was available at the moment.

Despite its limited selection of games, it became the go-to platform for thousands of CS:GO gamblers, because its CS:GO Roulette game featured rounds every 10 seconds with instant payouts via CS:GO skins and items.


The promo code was only the beginning to a series of bonuses and promotions, and this is why CSGO Double won its place in the heart of CS:GO gambles. From free coins to free CS:GO skins, CSGO Double rewarded new and existing players equally.

Skins and Items

Back when CSGO Double was working, it offered a fair selection of skins and items, along with a fair pricing. This combo turned it into the favorite CS:GO casino for thousands of players, because they had the opportunity to win rare and exotic skins.

Payment Methods

CSGO Double mainly relied on CS:GO skins for deposits and withdrawals. However, it was one of the first CS:GO gambling sites to offer deposits and payouts via cryptocurrencies. And as we can see nowadays, the majority of CS2 casinos support cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and LTC.


Unfortunately, the CSGO Double promo code is no longer working because the site has been offline since 2016. However, now you can claim promo codes from active and legit CS:GO gambling sites such as CSGOLuck, CSGOEmpire, CSGO500 and CSGORoll, bringing you access to bigger bonuses and a larger library of games.