How To Fake Case Opening In CS2/CSGO

Although opening cases in CSGO and CS2 is fun, it can cause serious costs. Moreover, if you cannot get the skins you want, this cost will continue to increase. Another important point is that Valve is constantly adding new cases to CS2. Since there are new cases, we can say that hundreds of different skins have emerged. However, some players are very hesitant to open cases because they are worried about the cost. That’s why we decided to talk about fake CS GO case opening. Fake cases are generally based on simulation and use the official algorithm in CS2.

In a statement made in recent years, Valve explained the rates at which rare items drop from the vaults. For example, you may have to be quite lucky as unique items drop at a rate of 0.26%. We can say that in such situations, it paves the way for players to use CSGO case opening simulation. Additionally, before moving on to our article, we would like to point out that fake cases do not contain any real rewards. Case opening simulations are used entirely to understand the content and algorithm of the cases. Let’s not delay too much and take a closer look at why fake cases are important in CS2.

What is CSGO Case Opening Simulation?

Since skins appeared in CSGO and CS2, a total of 41 new skins have been released. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the fact that there are dozens of different skins in all these cases has started a huge industry. Unfortunately, this industry does not offer the opportunity to open cases and own skins for free. You can get skins by paying money for both the cases and the keys to open the cases . Moreover, these skins you have do not usually cover the cost of the money you spend on the case. We can only say that sometimes you can actually have a chance to make a profit when you drop rare CS2 skins.


When the situation became annoying in terms of cost, many CS GO case opening generator sites appeared on the internet. These sites offer all the houses in the game with completely realistic statistics. You can also try your luck by opening the cases on these platforms for free. Frankly, there is another point at this point that is more important than luck. This means that you can see the contents of all cases in CS2 and understand their working logic. Of course, we can easily say that you are in a very advantageous situation as you can gain this experience without spending any money. For example, let’s say you opened the Operation Broken Fang case. Normally, if you open it with real money without knowing what’s inside, you’ll probably regret it. However, if you log into a random CS GO case opening site and try your luck with fake skins, you can understand the algorithm more clearly.

In particular, some CS2 streamers open cases based on the 0.26% drop algorithm for rare skins such as knives and gloves found in the cases. For example, they think that they can increase their chances by 26% by opening 100 cases according to this algorithm. Of course, I don’t think we need to remind them that they spent a lot of money on this. You will be able to test this exact process as you wish, free of charge.

How Does CS2 (CSGO) Fake Case Opening Work?

Now we come to answer the most curious question. To open CS2 cases virtually, you first need to find a simulator site. First of all, you don’t need to do research for this. We will tell you about all these details in the subheadings of our article. If you want, let’s take a closer look at how to make a fake CSGO case opening.


  • The first thing you need to do is go to one of the reliable fake case opening sites we have listed. Then you will see a page like “CS2 Case Simulator” on the home page of the site. This page may differ from other sites you have selected. However, in general, we can say that it has a simulator or case opening labels.


  • When you successfully enter the CS2 fake case opening page, you need to make some choices for yourself. You can see that there are many options such as weapon cases, collections, souvenir packages, and sticker capsules. In order to give our example more easily, we select weapon cases and continue.


  • As you know, weapon cases consist of a total of 41 different options in CS2. If you are wondering the case, you can choose that one. At this point, after determining, you need to click on the “Open Container” button. The skin rates in these cases are exactly the same as in normal CS2. You will never see any difference. Moreover, it is possible to see the prices of the cases and the skins you receive drops on the “” website that we use as an example.


As you can see, opening a fake case is that easy. The “” site we use as an example operates almost the same animations as CS2. In this case, we can say that it makes the CSGO case opening simulation more realistic.

What is the Content of Fake Cases?

You will definitely not encounter random skins when opening CS2 fake cases. From weapon cases to sticker capsules, every item is taken from the original CS2. In short, the contents of the simulation sites are the same as the contents of the cases in CS2. Moreover, even the percentages of the skins are prepared with a code containing a special algorithm. It is an almost similar case-opening experience to CS2.

Especially before opening a case with real money, you can try your luck with such fake cases. The important thing here is to measure your luck and try some tactics. For example, let’s say you want to open a shattered web case. Generally, the special item release rate in such cases is 0.26%. Naturally, you may need to open 100s of cases to statistically increase this percentage probability. As a result, you’ll end up spending a lot of cash since this is still based on luck. However, when it comes to fake CS GO case opening, you will not spend any money. You can quickly test the entire case opening process with just one click.

What are the Benefits of Opening a CS2 Fake Case?

Before moving on to the topic of how to open a fake case in CSGO and CS2, we thought it would be logical to talk about its benefits. Although fake cases are an entertainment-oriented tool, they actually have many benefits. Now, under this heading, we will talk about these benefits one by one. Let’s take a quick look.


  • Opening a fake case in CS2 is completely free. You don’t have to be under constant stress by spending tens of dollars.


  • If you are wondering which knives and gloves the crates drop along with their contents, it is very useful to take a look at the fake cases.


  • In CS2, the percentage probability of some skins being found in cases is quite low. However, with a certain statistic, the more you open a case, the more you have the chance to increase your chances of dropping that skin. For example, you can use fake cases to test the reality of such statistics.


As you can see, opening fake cases brings with it many opportunities as well as fun. Now that we are ready, we can move on to fake case opening methods.

Fake Case Opening with CS2/CSGO Commands

It used to be possible to do almost anything in CSGO. You could activate any feature you want with just a single console command. However, with the updates brought by Valve and the release of CS2, many codes became obsolete. Fortunately, this command has not become obsolete yet and we can say that it still works. In this section of our article, we will talk about how you can open a fake case with console commands.


Of course, for this, you first need to enable the console. First, enter the game and click on the “cog” icon and then on “Game”. At this point, you will see various settings. If you check the “Enable Developer Console” option as “Yes” on the settings page, you will activate the console.


Now that you are completely ready, you may be wondering what the console has to do with opening fake cases. The commands we will use here are related to radio and will broadcast a fake message containing your nickname to the chat. For example, the message will look like this: “CSDB has opened a container and found: ★ Brokeng Fang Gloves | Needle Point”.


So how can you print a message exactly like the one above in chat? There is a very easy command for this. Here is the CSGO command valid for fake case opening;


playerchatwheel CW.WePlanted “CSDB has opened a container and found: ★ StatTrak™ Karambit | Lore


When you type this command into the console and press enter, it will print fake information as you want in the chat. However, if you do a little research on the internet, you can see explanations such as this command was completely removed from the game in the transition to CS2. But this is not the case. The command still works fine in CS2 and you can use it however you want.

Other CS2 Simulators

Although the main focus of CS2 fake case opening sites is cases, we can say that they also have different simulators. For example, a sticker craft simulator map is a feature that you cannot find on most platforms. Likewise, case simulator diversity comes to the fore for such sites. Now, if you want, let’s talk about other CS2 simulators one by one.

Case, Collections, Capsules, Agents, and Other Simulator

We have constantly talked about opening fake cases from the beginning of our article until here. However, most people probably think that opening cases is limited to weapon cases only. Frankly, this is not the case. Almost all the packages and cases in the game that you can open with money are on simulation sites. We can even say that you have the chance to open souvenir packages that are specially released in tournaments organized for CSGO. Now, if you want, let’s prepare a list of all CS2 packages without further ado.


  • Weapon Cases
  • Collections (You can find all the collections that have been released so far)
  • Souvenir Packages
  • Sticker Capsules
  • Agents
  • Graffiti Boxes
  • Tournaments items
  • Autograph Capsules
  • Music Kit Boxes
  • Patch Packs
  • Collectible Pins
  • Other


As you can see, there are not only weapon cases on such platforms. You can find both new and old content as you wish.

Trade-up Simulator

Trade-up is a system developed by Valve where you can turn some skins into more valuable skins. According to this system, when you bring together 10 skins in total, you have a chance to get much better skin. You can access the trade-up contract page directly from your CS2 inventory. However, the reason why the simulator is made here is to determine the probability of which skins you will encounter as drops.


Trade-up simulator sites are usually found on the same sites with the fake case opening feature. It will be enough to enter to such sites and click on “Trade-up simulator”. You will then see a list of all skins available in CS2. You can see the higher quality skins you can get by selecting the skins you have from the list. Many players, especially those who want to earn passive income, use trade-up contracts. If you are looking for skins that will potentially make you a profit, we definitely recommend using a Trade-up Simulator.

Sticker Craft Simulator

Sticker craft is undoubtedly a feature that most players have not heard of much in CS2. However, lately, players’ ability to create their own designs has brought sticker craft to the fore. At this point, if you get bored of fake CS GO case opening, you can choose sticker craft. We would like to point out that you can test different stickers, especially if you want to create your own unique designs. As you know, there are hundreds or even thousands of different sticker types in CSGO and CS2. Naturally, the availability of so many stickers also enables original designs to emerge.

Another important point is that sites offering sticker craft simulator offer various customizations. For example, you can make all stickers transparent or change their positions as you wish. In short, all design details are entirely up to you. All you have to do is find a reliable simulator site and start crafting stickers.

Best CS2 Fake Case Simulation Sites

It is possible to find dozens of different sites offering services regarding CSGO and CS2 tools in the market. However, most such sites are unreliable and contain many advertisements. For this reason, we have researched the CS GO case opening generator sites in the market in detail for you. As a result of our research, we would like to say that we have identified 7 important sites that are very popular. Now we will tell you all these sites one by one with their pros and cons. Of course, the ranking of the sites on our list will be from best to worst according to the features they offer. If you are ready, let’s get started right away.

Here at CSDB we offer a case simulator that replicates the unboxing experience with the same odds to that as you would find in the original game and can be found by clicking here.

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