Five-SeveN Case Hardened Blue Gem Seed Patterns

Custom weapon finishes in Counter-Strike have long been a staple of the game, with some being more special than others. One of the most iconic finishes across multiple weapons is the Case Hardened variation, a one of a kind skin that features the colors red, blue, and yellow in multiple available patterns for players to obtain. Due to their rarity, a specific subset emerges as the holy grail for collectors – the Case Hardened Blue Gem. This goes for any and all skins that have the Case Hardened finish: the cleaner the blue on the gun, the more valuable. There are multiple Five-SeveN Case Hardened patterns in the game when it comes to the “Blue Gem” variation, with some fetching more of a premium than others.

Why is Case Hardened So Valuable?

Case Hardened is a weapon finish that gives your gun a metallic texture with a worn, aged feel. Imagine a well-used firearm that’s seen its share of action. The so-called case hardening effect adds a unique touch, making the metal appear slightly mottled with patches of darker and lighter colors. The beauty of Case Hardened is that the patterns and colors can vary significantly from weapon to weapon, so you can end up with a truly one-of-a-kind item. While Case Hardened is a fairly common finish, it’s impossible to underestimate its appeal. Some Case Hardened finishes develop incredibly attractive designs, with areas of bright blue or gold hues particularly sought after by players. These unique patterns, known as “Blue Gems” can significantly up the value of any Case Hardened weapon from hundreds to even thousands of US dollars at a time.


However, even amongst Blue Gems, a hierarchy of value and desirability exists determined by a combination of intricate details.


The most fundamental factor influencing a Blue Gem’s worth is the extent of solid blue coverage. Imagine a spectrum, with common Case Hardened skins on one end displaying a mottled mix of blues, grays, and browns. As we move towards the Blue Gem end, the blue area steadily expands, pushing back the other colors until it dominates the weapon’s surface. The most sought-after Blue Gems boast a near-uniform expanse of blue, with minimal interruptions from other colors. This creates a visually stunning effect, where the weapon seems almost to glow with an otherworldly sheen. The higher the blue percentage a Blue Gem possesses, the rarer it becomes, and consequently, the steeper its price tag climbs.


The story doesn’t end with just the amount of blue, however, as pattern elements within the dominant blue color play a significant role in a Blue Gem’s allure. Some Blue Gems showcase a uniform spread of blue, but the most coveted ones take things a step further. These distinct blue patterns add a layer of visual intrigue, transforming the Blue Gem from simply valuable to a true collector’s piece. The specific formations and how they interact with the base blue color are subjective aspects influencing desirability, but generally, a Blue Gem with captivating and unique patterns fetches a higher price than one with a uniform blue expanse.


While wear and float value – a metric indicating a skin’s condition – are crucial factors for most CS:GO skins, their influence on Blue Gems is slightly nuanced. Unlike other Case Hardened skins where higher wear values result in increased scratches and a diminished value, Blue Gem worth is primarily determined by the pattern itself. A well-worn Blue Gem with a phenomenal pattern can still command a hefty sum. However, a Factory New or Minimal Wear condition can add a slight premium to the price. This is because a cleaner presentation, with minimal signs of wear, allows the intricate details of the Blue Gem’s pattern to shine through unimpeded, further enhancing its visual appeal for collectors.

Five-SeveN Blue Gem Patterns

As opposed to a single, unchanging design, Five-Seven Case Hardened Blue Gems are a collection of designs united by one feature: a striking blue predominance throughout the weapon’s body. There are very few or no yellow elements, which results in an aesthetically arresting, nearly monochromatic blue masterpiece.


These patterns are uncommon since the production of Case Hardened designs was haphazard. A distinct pattern value is assigned to each Five-Seven Case Hardened skin, which determines the particular color distribution. Blue Gem designs are only a small portion of what is possible.


Multiple Blue Gem patterns for the Five-SeveN Case Hardened exist, with some being better than others.

The World’s Number One: Five-SeveN Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern #278

This specific pattern of the Five-SeveN Case Hardened is the very best in the entire world. It features a completely blue top part of the barrel with minimal streaks of red and gold towards the bottom side. It is the finest Five-SeveN Case Hardened anyone can obtain and can fetch upwards of double or triple the price of an average Blue Gem variant of the same weapon.

Second to One: Five-SeveN Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern #690

This is nearly identical to the #278, which puts it around the same level. Just like the #1 Blue Gem, it has a completely blue top part of the barrel and minimal red and gold effects. The average price for a Five-SeveN Blue Gem is around $100, making the price for this specific weapon extend towards the $300 to $400 range.

Best of the Rest: Five-SeveN Case Hardened Blue Gem Pattern #868

The Blue Gem Pattern #868 is still one of the best Five-SeveN Case Hardened variants available in the game, but it loses out just barely for having a small spot on the barrel where the gold trim gets in the way of what would have been an otherwise completely blue barrel. Still, it is one of the very best patterns anyone can get on this specific weapon finish and will still fetch a price higher than the average market value.

Other Blue Gem Patterns

All the other Five-SeveN Case Hardened Blue Gem patterns currently in Counter-Strike are listed as follows:


Tier 1 189, 363, 532, 648, 689, 872
Tier 2 25, 151, 177, 215, 321, 631, 670, 700, 724, 875, 879, 888
Tier 3 13, 28, 101, 103, 126, 265, 344, 369, 381, 387, 413, 426, 428, 430, 434, 450, 468, 555, 557, 627, 661, 768, 770, 791, 809, 823, 844, 849, 874, 905, 927, 935, 955, 969, 979
Tier 4 72, 81, 87, 112, 122, 125, 168, 174, 179, 187, 273, 305, 310, 447, 497, 512, 525, 571, 592, 640, 685, 760, 828, 833, 843, 862, 878, 887, 951, 985
Tier 5 0, 1, 9, 34, 79, 82, 92, 113, 121, 140, 141, 142, 149, 171, 173, 180, 197, 200, 205, 220, 249, 279, 287, 303, 312, 319, 322, 376, 396, 408, 429, 463, 466, 471, 479, 495, 509, 539, 545, 573, 578, 579, 586, 589, 616, 617, 625, 632, 643, 658, 716, 717, 727, 752, 758, 762, 795, 804, 814, 822, 824, 852, 855, 856, 926, 938, 953, 961, 967, 970, 997


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