Toggle Command Help & Examples

Here, we are looking at the Toggle Command, which is compatible with both CS:GO and CS2.

Command: toggle

The toggle command allows you to switch a convar on and off (between 0 and 1) or cycle it through its values.


  • toggle <Command> <Values>: Where <Command> is the convar you want to toggle and <Values> is optional. If not specified, the command will toggle between 0 and 1. You can specify a list of values to cycle through, separated by spaces (e.g., “0 1 2 3” without quotes).

Additional Information:

  • Are sv_cheats Required? No
  • Is it a Client or Server Command? Both

Toggle Command Examples

Toggle Voice Enable:

  • Command: toggle voice_enable

Toggles voice_enable between 0 and 1, turning voice chat on and off accordingly.

Toggle Bot Difficulty:

  • Command: toggle bot_difficulty 0 1 2 3

This toggles bot_difficulty between the values 0, 1, 2, and 3. Each time the command is entered, it cycles to the next value and adjusts the bot difficulty accordingly. For example, if bot_difficulty was 2 and the command was entered, bot difficulty would be set to 3.

About Toggling

To understand what toggling is in CS:GO. First, you need to know the general definition of toggling. Simply put, toggling simply refers to fastening or furnishing.

In wider terms, toggling can simply refer to switching between different options. Generally, a single key or button press is needed to toggle or switch between two or more options.

In the gaming community, toggling just involves switching between different options. In CS:GO, toggling simply implies switching between options.

In CS:GO toggling, usually, only two options are available. Players toggle by switching from one option to another with a single button press or specific key combination.

It’s worth noting that toggling features can be enabled or disabled based on your preferences.

How Gamers Use CSGO Toggle Commands

This brings us nicely to toggle CS:GO commands. The key question you’ll want to know is how to toggle commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

  • To start, launch the game on your gaming device. Once you do this, you’ll see a comprehensive main menu section that displays various commands and options.
  • To initiate toggle CS:GO, click on the Settings Cog which is at the bottom of the main screen.
  • Once there, click on the Game Settings button to access the full list of game settings options. Scroll through this list until you find the Enable Developer Console feature.
  • Make sure that this feature is enabled to activate CS:GO toggle. If you prefer to deactivate toggle CS:GO, you can do so by clicking on the button next to the Aim Down Sight feature.

To create a toggle bind in CS:GO, use the “bind” command followed by the desired keys and the toggle command. For example, “bind <key> toggle voice_enable” toggles voice chat on/off when the specified key is pressed.

The CS:GO toggle feature will be deactivated if you unbind the specific keyboard combination.

Toggle Aim vs Hold Aim

When discussing CS:GO toggle, we have to touch on the Counter-Strike aiming mode. When you launch the game, the aiming mode default will require you to press and hold down the right mouse button to aim your chosen weapon.

While this is the default option, you can change it. Many Counter-Strike players prefer alternative aiming options, such as click-to-aim weapons.

What’s more, some players find double-clicking for quick weapon aiming to be impractical. This is where CS:GO toggle options can be very useful.

There are significant differences between “hold aim” and “toggle aim”. With the “toggle aim” option enabled, you’ll need to click to aim your weapon and click again to remove your aim.

However, this method doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, so reverting to the default “hold aim” feature is often the preferred choice, particularly since scoped shooting is hugely popular with Counter-Strike players.

The Most Popular CS GO Toggle Commands 

This brings us to the most popular and important CS:GO toggle commands. As mentioned earlier, toggling in gaming involves switching between different options, and this principle applies to CS:GO toggling as well.

One of the most frequently used toggle commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is “toggle voice_enable.” This command toggles voice chat and switches your mic on or off based on its current value.

Another commonly used toggle command is “toggle bot_difficulty 0 1 2 3.” This command toggles the difficulty of bots through the specified values – which we looked at previously.

To use any toggle command, open the developer console mode when you launch the game. Once this has been enabled, you can access a variety of commands.

In addition to toggling commands, you can adjust your crosshair size and color, customize the appearance and position of the mini-map, and modify gun positions and model bobbing.

Moreover, the console mode will give you access to in-depth statistics regarding your gaming device’s performance in running the game smoothly.

As well as this, you can enable or disable bots via the console mode, making it a very important practice mode for many CS:GO gamers.

Beyond these features, the console mode offers all sorts of customization options to make your overall gaming experience even better. It’s no wonder that most dedicated CS:GO players rely on toggle commands.

Our Helpful Hint: We would suggest you spend some time practising in casual mode to familiarize yourself with the new toggle setup before diving into a ranked match.