sv_party_mode Command Help & Examples

Ready for a CS party? Here we look at how you can trigger CS GO party mode:

Command: sv_party_mode <0 / 1>

These console commands are compatible with both CS2 and Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

One of the lesser known Counter Strike game modes, you can use this command to toggle the party game mode on and off. When party mode is enabled, bombs and tasers (zeuses) will shoot confetti. However, by default, this feature is turned off.

How the Game Mode Works:

  • Syntax: sv_party_mode <0 / 1>: Where you set it to 0 to disable party mode (the default) and set it to 1 to enable party mode.

Additional Information

  • Are sv_cheats Required? No
  • Is it a Client or Server Command? Client
  • What is the Default Value:?0

sv_party_mode Examples

  • sv_party_mode 0
    • This command disables party mode.
  • sv_party_mode 1
    • This command enables party mode.

In summary, to enable party mode, where bombs and tasers shoot confetti, set sv_party_mode to 1. To disable it, set it to 0. This command is client-side and does not require sv_cheats to be enabled.

What is Counter-Strike Party Mode?

Unlike some of the other game modes popular in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Counter-Strike Party Mode is just a fun and lighthearted feature that is available in both CS: GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) and CS2 (Counter-Strike 2). Forget competitive mode; this one is designed to add a fun twist to the intense war games of Counter-Strike – and Party Mode simply changes some of the in-game elements to create a bit more of a celebratory atmosphere.

When Party Mode is enabled, using the command sv_party_mode 1, specific actions in the game trigger playful visual effects. For instance, when a player uses a taser (Zeus x27) or plants a bomb, instead of the usual animations and effects, colorful confetti is released. This adds a whimsical and amusing element to the game, making it a perfect choice for casual play sessions or community events where the emphasis is more on fun than competition.

Enabling Party Mode

To activate Party Mode, players or local server administrators will need to enter the cfg file command sv_party_mode 1 in the console. By default, Party Mode is disabled, so if you want to revert back to the standard gameplay effects, you can use the command sv_party_mode 0. This simple toggle allows for easy switching between the normal game mode and the fun-filled Party Mode.

Usage and Compatibility

The great part is that Party Mode does not require you to enable the sv_cheats command in the main menu, so essentially, it can be used in both public and private matches without any restrictions. What’s more, it’s a client-side command, so individual players will be able to enable it for their own game experience without affecting others – or it can be set on a server to affect all players within that match.

Practical Applications

While this is pretty much just a novelty feature and would never be used in competitive matches, Party Mode can be great for:

  • Community Events: Adding a festive touch to tournaments or casual matches.
  • Streaming: Providing a unique and entertaining visual experience for viewers.
  • Casual Play: Lightening the mood during casual or practice sessions.

Other Counter-Strike Game Modes

Counter-Strike is one of the most iconic first-person shooter franchises – and during the time it has been around, it has introduced a variety of game modes that cater to different playstyles and preferences – Party Mode is just one of the options.

Here are some of the other popular game modes in Counter-Strike:

Classic: Competitive Mode

This is basically the backbone of Counter-Strike. Classic Competitive mode is where players engage in 5v5 matches on well-known custom maps. Each match consists of up to 30 rounds – and the game ends with the first team to win 16 rounds. Players switch sides (between Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists) after 15 rounds.

Main Features of this game mode:

  • Economy System: Players can earn money based on their performance, which they can then use to buy weapons and equipment at the start of each round.
  • Rounds and Halftime: The two teams swap sides after 15 rounds.
  • Objective: Terrorists try to plant the bomb or eliminate the Counter-Terrorists, while Counter-Terrorists have to try and defuse the bomb or prevent the terrorists from planting it.

This mode is a highly strategic one and is all about strategy, teamwork, communication, and skill. As the name suggests, this is the most competitive and commonly played mode in professional esports tournaments.

Classic Casual

Unsurprisingly, Casual mode is a more relaxed version of the Competitive mode, ideal for players who are looking for a less intense experience – with no team collision and no friendly fire, etc. Teams can be larger, and there are fewer restrictions on gameplay.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Larger Teams: This is normally a 10v10 game.
  • No Friendly Fire: You won’t be able to harm or kill your teammates.
  • Simplified Economy: Players get to start with more money and can buy armour and defuse kits for free.

Casual mode is perfect if you’re a new player who is looking to learn the ropes – or if you’re a more experienced player who just wants to play without the pressure of ranked matches.

Deathmatch Game Mode

In Deathmatch mode, the focus shifts from being an objective-based game to pure combat and fighting. Players respawn almost instantly after dying, and the goal is simply to get as many kills as they can within a set time limit.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Continuous Play: There are no rounds or objectives – it’s all about killing other players.
  • Weapon Selection: You can choose any weapon and change your loadout mid-game.
  • Respawns: There are instant respawns which keep the action going.

Deathmatch is the perfect game mode for practising your aim and learning the mechanics of different weapons. It’s a fast-paced game mode that’s excellent for quick and more intense gaming sessions.

Arms Race

This mode is a gun progression mode where your aim is to get a kill with each weapon in a predetermined sequence. The first player to get a kill with every weapon will win the match.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Weapon Progression: You start with a basic weapon and progress to more powerful ones as the game continues.
  • Instant Respawn: Similar to Deathmatch, you will respawn instantly.
  • Golden Knife: The final kill has to be achieved with a knife, which adds a thrill to the match finale.

Arms Race is both fun and chaotic – and offers its own unique challenge that will be a great test of your proficiency with all weapons. This is a casual mode that’s perfect for quick games and more social play.

Demolition Mode

Demolition is a bit of a combination of Classic Competitive and Arms Race. You’ll need to complete bomb planting or defusal objectives, but you will also progress through a sequence of weapons after each round.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Round-Based: It’s similar to Competitive mode but with added weapon progression.
  • Limited Buy Time: You won’t be able to purchase weapons; instead, you’ll get a new weapon each round.
  • Objective-Based: The two teams alternate between planting and defusing bombs.

Demolition offers a hugely exciting combination of strategy and gunplay, making it a great choice if you’re someone who likes both objective-based gameplay and weapon variety.

Wingman Mode

Wingman is a 2v2 player mode that you play on smaller sections of existing maps. This mode has been designed for quick and highly intense matches and requires tight teamwork.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Smaller Teams: The 2v2 format means that it relies on teamwork and individual skills.
  • Shorter Matches: Games are quicker – normally the first team to win nine rounds.
  • Compact Maps: Smaller sections of maps help to create fast-paced action.

Wingman is great if you want a quick match or if you prefer playing with a single partner. It’s also a great mode to practise teamwork and communication.

Danger Zone

Danger Zone is Counter-Strike’s take on the battle royale genre. Up to 18 players will be dropped into a large map and will need to find weapons, equipment, and money while the play area keeps on shrinking.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Battle Royale Format: The last player or team standing wins.
  • Resource Management: You’ll need to scavenge for supplies.
  • Dynamic Map: The playable area gets smaller and smaller so you’ll be forced into closer proximity to other players.

Appeal: Danger Zone adds a survival element to Counter-Strike, offering a fresh and exciting way to experience the game. It’s a thrilling mode that emphasizes strategy, resource management, and adaptability.

Flying Scoutsman

In Flying Scoutsman mode, you’re armed only with SSG 08 sniper rifles and knives. This game mode features low gravity, making how you handle your movement and positioning crucial.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Low Gravity: You’ll be able to jump higher and move in a floaty way.
  • Limited Weapons: Only SSG 08 rifles and knives are available.
  • Fast-Paced: The low gravity and weapon restrictions make for unique and fast-paced gameplay.

Flying Scoutsman is a fun, cool and quirky mode that will test your sniping skills and movement strategies. It’s a pretty lighthearted mode that gives you a break from the more serious gameplay of other modes.


Retakes mode focuses on bomb defusal scenarios where Counter-Terrorists have to try and retake a bombsite from the Terrorists. This is designed to help you practise post-plant scenarios.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Post-Plant Situations: Every round will start with the bomb already planted.
  • Quick Rounds: Rounds are short and very intense.
  • Randomized Loadouts: You’ll receive different weapons with each round.

Retakes is perfect if you want to improve your skills in post-plant scenarios. It’s a fast and focused mode that will help you increase your tactical and teamwork skills.

Custom and Community Modes

As well as the official game modes, Counter-Strike has an ever-growing and creative community that create their own custom game modes. These can add various unique twists on existing modes to create brand-new gameplay experiences.

Main features of this game mode:

  • Variety: Custom modes can include anything – from zombie survival to surf maps, there are all sorts of customizations possible.
  • Community Driven: These game modes are created by the community.
  • Endless Creativity: The possibilities are only limited by the imagination of the creators.

Custom modes provide even more variety and keep the game fresh. They let you experience Counter-Strike in completely new ways and can give you brand new CS experiences every time you play.