sv_maxrate Command Help & Examples

With the sv_maxrate command, you can define the maximum rate of incoming and outgoing data per second (bandwidth), measured in bytes, for every connection to the server. Hence, it’s one of the several commands you need to use when setting up rates on a private or dedicated server for CS:GO (CS2). Here we will bring you a definition of this command, how you can use it and examples on how it’s implemented.

What is the sv_maxrate Command?

It is a command that allows you to set up the maximum rate of incoming and outgoing bandwidth per second, which is vital when configuring a private server. Its only argument is your preferred number of bytes per second.

You can input this command directly via the console and it will take effect immediately. It can only be used by the server host or admin.

The value you use for this command will depend on your server tick rate, so you can obtain optimal results.

How to Use the sv_maxrate Command

Here you have the instructions on how to use this command to customize the maximum rate of bandwidth allowed by your server:

  1. Press the key “~” to launch the console
  2. Type in the command sv_maxrate “#”
  3. Press enter
  4. It will automatically adjust the maximum bandwidth allowed for each client connected to the server

You need to replace “#” for your preferred value of bytes/s. If you want to set it up at 250,000 bytes/s, it would result in the following command: sv_maxrate 250000.

Examples on How to Use the sv_maxrate Command

As we previously mentioned, the value you assign to this command will depend on your server tick rate. Below, we’ll show you how to use it on the most popular server tick frequencies:

  • Server with 64 tick-rate: sv_maxrate 250000
  • Server with 128 tick-rate: sv_maxrate 250000
  • Sever with 102.4 tick-rate: sv_maxrate 250000