servercfgfile Command Help & Examples

Here, we will look at the CS GO server.cfg maker command along with examples so you know exactly how it works and when to use it.

  • servercfgfile <Config File Name>

This command basically assigns your server’s configuration file to the specified config file name.

Other Details

The syntax for this command is as follows:

  • servercfgfile <Config File Name>: where the Config File Name is the name of the config file to be used as the server’s configuration file.

Additional information you need to know about this server configs file include:

  • Are sv_cheats Required? No
  • Is it a Client or Server Command? Server
  • What is the Default Value? server.cfg

servercfgfile Examples

The following command would use the file “example.cfg” as the server’s configuration file.

  • servercfgfile example.cfg

CSGO: Server configuration

Counter-Strike servers provide players with lots of configuration options. You can adjust basic settings using the Server.cfg file or through the settings page in the web interface. For more advanced configurations, such as specific game modes, settings are managed through individual gamemode config files like gamemode_competitive.cfg, gamemode_custom.cfg, gamemode_casual.cfg, gamemode_cooperative.cfg, gamemode_demolition.cfg, etc.

In the settings, you can pick your preferred game mode, and the corresponding commands from the config are loaded accordingly. These configurations can be handled either through the game server administration interface or manually via FTP under gXXXXXX/csgo/csgo/cfg/.


Adjustments via the Interface (Settings)

On the settings page, you can modify basic settings for the GSL token, map group, game type/game mode, tick rate, and various other parameters.

GSL Token

Gameserver Login Tokens (GSLTs) are essentially security measures implemented by Steam. To operate game servers for certain Steam games, especially Source games, generating a token is necessary.

Game Type

There are various game modes available. Here are the main options:

  • Classic Casual
  • Classic Competitive
  • Arms Race
  • Demolition
  • Deathmatch
  • Wingman

Map Group

Map groups consist of maps that usually belong to a specific category. By default, there are the

  • mg_active,
  • mg_armsrace,
  • mg_demolition,
  • mg_allclassic groups.

You can also choose to create your own map groups. This will need to be added to the Gamemodes_server.txt file. The structure of such a map group is pretty easy to create.

Tick Rate

The tick rate set determines how frequently the server sends one player’s position to other players. A higher value typically leads to a better gaming experience. The following values are available: 33, 64, 100, and 128 (best value).

Start Map

The start map specifies which map should be loaded during the startup process. It’s important that you ensure the map’s name is written accurately and completely. The file extension isn’t necessary.

Ping Boost

Ping boost is a method of altering the game’s feel by using various techniques to achieve the lowest possible ping.

Configuration via server.cfg

In the server.cfg file, you can adjust settings such as server name, rcon password, and server password.


The hostname determines the name of the server, which is displayed in the server list and scoreboard.

  • rcon_password¬†

The rcon_password is required to execute server commands in the game or via Rcon tools like HLSW. It can be set using the following commands:

  • rcon_password YourPassword
  • rcon command // For example: rcon changelevel de_dust2


If you are looking to restrict access to your server or make it private, you can set a server password. Users will then be asked to enter this password when connecting to the server.


Certain commands are protected and can only be used when cheats are enabled. This command can be toggled on or off with a value of 0 (disabled) or 1 (enabled). Protected commands include:

  • god,
  • sv_infinite_ammo,
  • noclip,
  • r_drawothermodels 2,
  • mat_wireframe 2,
  • enable_skeleton_draw 1,
  • mat_fullbright 3,
  • and a few others.

Gamemode-Specific Configuration

As mentioned earlier, you can select the gamemode/gametype you wish to use on the interface’s settings page. Once you’ve chosen your preferred option, you’ll need to adjust your settings and modify the corresponding configuration file. In the game mode configurations, you can make detailed changes to gameplay, bot behaviour, and more.

Bot Commands

  • bot_chatter: This determines what the bots are allowed to communicate in the game, with options including off, radio, minimal, or normal.
  • bot_difficulty: This command sets the bot difficulty level, with values ranging from 0 (easy) to 3 (expert).
  • bot_quota: Specifies the maximum number of bots allowed on the server.
  • bot_quota_mode: Defines the mode for controlling the number of bots, with options like normal, fill, and match.

Money Commands

Then we have the following money commands…

  • cash_player_bomb_defused: Determines the amount a player earns for defusing a bomb. The amount can’t be any more than the maximum server limit.
  • cash_player_bomb_planted: This specifies the cash reward for planting the bomb.
  • cash_player_damage_hostage: Sets the cash penalty or reward for injuring a hostage. By default, players are penalized $30 for each injury to a hostage.
  • cash_player_interact_with_hostage: Determines the cash earned or lost for interacting with a hostage.
  • cash_player_killed_enemy_default: Defines the cash reward or penalty for killing an enemy player with a default weapon.
  • cash_player_killed_enemy_factor: Sets the cash reward for killing an enemy player with the main weapons like standard pistols or rifles.
  • cash_player_killed_hostage: Specifies the cash reward or penalty for killing a hostage.
  • cash_player_killed_teammate: Determines the cash reward or penalty for killing a teammate.
  • cash_player_rescued_hostage: Sets the cash reward or penalty for safely rescuing a hostage in Hostage Mode.
  • cash_team_elimination_bomb_map: Specifies the cash reward for each team member if all enemies are eliminated on a bomb defusal map.
  • cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_t: Determines the cash reward for each terrorist player for winning a round in a hostage map through elimination.
  • cash_team_elimination_hostage_map_ct: Specifies the cash reward for each counter-terrorist player for eliminating all terrorists on a hostage map.
  • cash_team_hostage_alive: Sets the cash reward or penalty if a hostage survives the round.
  • cash_team_hostage_interaction: Determines the cash reward or penalty for interacting with a hostage.
  • cash_team_loser_bonus: Specifies the initial money earned by the losing teams after a round. Increases incrementally based on consecutive round losses.
  • cash_team_loser_bonus_consecutive_rounds: Sets the amount of money increased for each successive round loss, up to a maximum of five rounds.
  • cash_team_planted_bomb_but_defused: Determines the cash reward for the Terrorist team if they plant a bomb that is defused by the Counter-Terrorist team.
  • cash_team_rescued_hostage: Specifies the cash reward for the entire team when one player rescues a hostage.
  • cash_team_terrorist_win_bomb: Sets the cash reward for each player on the Terrorist team when they win a round by detonating the bomb.
  • cash_team_win_by_defusing_bomb: Specifies the cash reward for the Counter-Terrorist team when they win a round by defusing the bomb.
  • cash_team_win_by_hostage_rescue: Determines the cash reward for team members when they win a round by rescuing a hostage in the round.
  • cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_hostage: Sets the cash reward for the team who is guarding the hostages if they end up winning the round by preventing any hostages from being rescued within the time limit.
  • cash_team_win_by_time_running_out_bomb: Specifies the cash reward for the Counter-Terrorist team if they win a round when the time expires, and the terrorists have not planted the bomb or eliminated all Counter-Terrorists.

Gameplay Commands

  • mp_afterroundmoney: Sets the amount of money each player receives at the end of a round, regardless of victory or defeat. Default value is 0; win/loss bonuses are configured separately.
  • mp_buytime: Determines the time in seconds players have to buy equipment after a round starts.
  • mp_buy_anywhere: Enables or disables access to the buy menu outside of designated buy zones while still adhering to the buy time.
  • mp_death_drop_defuser: Controls whether defuse kits are dropped upon player death.
  • mp_death_drop_grenade: Specifies which grenade, if any, is dropped upon player death.
    • Value: 0 – No grenades dropped
    • Value: 1 – Drop the most valuable grenade
  • mp_death_drop_gun: Defines which weapon is dropped upon player death.
    • Value: 0 – No guns dropped
    • Value: 1 – Drop the best gun
    • Value: 2 – If no gun is equipped, drop the most valuable one
  • mp_defuser_allocation: Determines if players receive defusers for free at the start of the round.
    • Value: 1 – No free defusers
    • Value: 2 – Random players receive a defuser
    • Value: 3 – All players receive a defuser
  • mp_force_pick_time: Sets the duration, in seconds, for players to select a team before automatic assignment.
  • mp_forcecamera: Specifies the spectator scope after death.
  • mp_free_armor: Enables or disables free armor and helmet at the beginning of each round.
    • Value: 0 – Disabled
    • Value: 1 – Enabled
  • mp_freezetime: Sets the duration, in seconds, players are frozen at the start of each round.
  • mp_friendlyfire: Enables or disables friendly fire.
    • Default varies by game mode.
  • mp_win_panel_display_time: Sets the duration, in seconds, for the scoreboard display between rounds.
  • mp_respawn_immunitytime: Sets the duration, in seconds, of player immunity after respawning in Deathmatch mode.
  • mp_halftime: Enables or disables halftime team change.
  • mp_maxmoney: Sets the maximum amount of money a player can have.
  • mp_maxrounds: Sets the maximum number of rounds the server will play.
  • mp_roundtime: Sets the maximum duration, in minutes, of each round.
  • mp_solid_teammates: Enables or disables player collision with teammates.
    • Value: 0 – Collision disabled
    • Value: 1 – Collision enabled
  • mp_startmoney: Sets the initial amount of money each player receives at the start of a half.
  • mp_timelimit: Sets the maximum duration, in minutes, of the next round in each game.
  • mp_warmuptime: Sets the duration, in seconds, of the warm-up period before the game starts.
  • sv_allow_votes: Enables or disables voting, such as timeout voting.
    • Value: 0 – Disabled
    • Value: 1 – Enabled
  • sv_infinite_ammo: Enables or disables unlimited ammunition.
    • Value: 1 – Infinite ammunition without reloading
    • Value: 2 – Infinite ammunition magazines, reload required when empty.
  • ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang: Sets the maximum number of flash grenades a player can carry.
  • ammo_grenade_limit_total: Sets the maximum number of grenades a player can carry in total.