mp_maxrounds Command Help & Examples

Now, what if you’re on a private server with friends or just bots and want to spice things up a little by making the match longer or shorter? That’s where the CSGO round limit command comes into play.

How Do You Use The Command?

To use any command in the game, you must first access the in-game developer console which is usually bound to the ~ key on your keyboard. In the event your keyboard doesn’t have this key, you can bind the console to open upon pressing any available button you have. Since host_writeconfig is not considered a cheat command, there is no need to input “sv_cheats 1” on the console. After this, simply type or copy and paste the command “mp_maxrounds <Amount>” to the console. 

Before hitting the enter key, however, you must input a certain amount of rounds you want the game to reach. The “<Amount>” portion of the command refers to the maximum amount of rounds the server will allow to play out before restarting completely. At this point the possibilities are endless, so the 100-round match you’ve been dreaming of for a long time can finally come true. When creating a new private match, the round limit command is disabled by default. In Counter-Strike 2, the default amount of rounds per match is 24 (12 each side).

When Can You Use The Command?

The command “mp_maxrounds <Amount>” can only be used in private servers, not in official matchmaking or competitive play. Having this command accessible in a real match would create chaos and cause a game to be completely unplayable since it could theoretically last forever.

How Is The Command Used?

The round limit command is used by players who want to prolong or shorten their match times in private servers. This can be used while playing with friends or in a tournament where the rules allow for some not-so-standard gameplay to occur.