mp_humanteam Command Help & Examples

Here, we'll look at the mp_humanteam Command that is compatible with CS:GO & CS 2
  • mp_humanteam <Any / CT / T>

This command essentially restricts non-bot players to a specified team. The default setting will allow players to join any team.

The syntax is as follows:

  • mp_humanteam <Any / CT / T>: Where Any: Allows players to join any team, T: Restricts non-bot players to the terrorist team and CT: Restricts non-bot players to the counter-terrorists team.

Extra Information:

  • Are sv_cheats Required? No
  • Is it a Client or Server Command? Server
  • What is the Default Value? Any

Other Team Bots Commands You Might Need

Since the early days of Counter-Strike, bots have held their ground in the game. During that era, online multiplayer wasn’t widespread due to slower internet speeds, so Counter-Strike primarily saw play on LAN or offline against bots.

Today, bots remain an integral part of the game. Players can still practise solo against bots or set up private matches with friends and add bots to fill empty slots. Wondering how to do it? Stay tuned to this article to find out! Here, you’ll discover all the CS:GO bot commands you might need

How to Enable Bot Commands in Counter Strike

To activate bot commands in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and CS2, you’ll need to access the game’s developer console. Here’s a simple guide to help you:

  1. Open the Game Settings and enable the Developer Console.
  2. Then, open the Developer Console. Once you’re in-game, press the tilde key (~) to open the developer console.
  3. Enter the Bot Commands.

Different Types of CSGO Bot Commands

CS:GO bot commands come in all different shapes and sizes. While some will work immediately, others will need you to activate CS:GO cheat commands. As such, you’ll need to make sure you set sv_cheats 1 to active before you attempt to use any specific bot commands in CS:GO.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the types of bot commands currently accessible.

Please note: All of the commands we mention on this page are applicable to both CS:GO and CS2.

To Add a Bot Command

bot_add [side] [difficulty] [name]

  • For [Side] enter t or ct
  • For [Difficulty] enter easy, normal, hard, expert
  • [Name]: This is optional; if you leave it unspecified, T or CT bots will be given a random name. However, the name must correspond to an existing bot profile – such as Fred, Albert or Brad.

Bot_add is a versatile command that will enable you to select the bot’s side (Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist), bot difficulty, and name. However, you don’t have to use all the parameters. Typing bot_add into the console will randomly add a bot to a team. To specify the team, add a side; for example, the command bot_add CT will add one bot to the Counter-Terrorists side, whereas T will give you a terrorist bot. If you also wish to select a specific bot difficulty, include it in the command, for example, bot_add T Hard.

bot_join_team [side]

This command can be used to pre-select the team for the next bot added with the bot_add command. You can set it to T, CT, or Any depending on what team you want them added to.


This command is incredibly straightforward and is mainly used in practice mode. Simply enter bot_place into the console, and it will spawn a bot directly in front of your player’s avatar. You can use this command alongside various others to manually position bots in various locations and command them to stay put. So, for instance, you can pair it with the bot_freeze command.

bot_quota [value]

This command allows you to modify the maximum number of bots that are allowed on the server. The default value is set at 10, but you can adjust it to any whole number.

bot_quota_mode [value]

In addition to the standard bot_quota command, you also have the option to combine them with the bot_quota_mode command. You can set the value to normal, which is the default, as well as fill and match. The fill value is employed to set the number of bots to match the bot_quota value from the preceding command. The match value will align with the ratio of humans to bots (1 human : bot_quota).

bot_join_after_player 1

With this command, bots will join the server only when a new real player connects to it. They are added to balance the teams in case there are insufficient players on the server.

mp_humanteam [team]

This command is very handy if you are looking to restrict human players from joining a specific team. For instance, using mp_humanteam CT will permit human players to join only the T side.

Bot Behavior Commands


This command will cause the bots in the game to completely ignore you. As a result, they won’t shoot at you – it’s as if you don’t exist.

bot_dont_shoot 1

If you are looking to fully prevent bots from shooting altogether, simply enter this command into the console. To deactivate it, you can change the value to 0.

bot_freeze 1

As mentioned earlier, this command can be used in conjunction with other commands for practice. If you input this command into the developer console, it will completely stop all the bots from moving. If you want to allow them to move again, you can change the value to 0.

bot_stop 1

This command works in a similar way to bot_freeze. When you activate it, it stops literally all bot actions. They will completely stop moving, jumping, or shooting until you release them by changing the value back to 0.


When you activate this command (set to 1), all of the bots on the server will copy your actions. So, if you shoot, they shoot and if you crouch, they will crouch and so forth.


When you set the value of this command to 1, it will cause all bots on the server to crouch. If you want to deactivate it, simply set the value back to 0 again.

bot_allow_rogues 1

This command will cause all of the bots on the screen to go rogue. They will, straight away, cease responding to radio commands completely and do as they like. If you want them to return them to normal behavior, you can set the value to 0 again.

bot_ignore_players 1

This is similar to the notarget command and it will also cause all bots to completely ignore you. However, they will still acknowledge and interact with each other and fight amongst themselves.

bot_zombie 1

This command will put the bots into zombie mode. They won’t transform into actual zombies; instead, they will simply cease shooting and moving.

bot_chatter [value]

This command can be used to regulate bots’ communication. The value can be set to: off, minimal, normal, or radio depending on what you prefer.

bot_max_vision_distance_override [value]

If you are looking to restrict the bots’ vision, you can do so with this command. The default is automatically set to -1, and you can activate it by changing the value to 1. This will result in the bots not seeing you when you are far away.


This command will basically deactivate the bots’ AI, which means they will only be able to perform their basic idle animations.

Bot Difficulty Commands

Although you can manually select the bot’s difficulty when adding one to the server, there’s an easier method that can be used to adjust the difficulty of all bots at the same time by using the bot difficulty command.

bot_difficulty [value]

This command is able to change the difficulty of all of the bots on the server. However, you need to make sure you specify the appropriate value alongside it.

Value options:

  • Easy: 0
  • Normal: 1
  • Hard: 2 
  • Expert: 3


If you enable this command, then the bots will start getting harder after every wave.


If you would prefer the bots to get easier after each round you win, you can simply use the above mentioned command.

player_botdifflast_s [value]

You can use this command to adjust the difficulty of the last bot standing. The value options are the same as those for the bot_difficulty command, where 0 represents easy, 3 stands for expert, and so forth. Therefore, if you are trying to enhance match intensity, you can use player_botdifflast_s 3 to increase the difficulty of the last bot, making it more challenging for human players to clutch.

bot_autodifficulty_treshold_high [value]

This command can be used to set the difficulty to a higher level. The default difficulty is set at 5, with a minimum of -20 and a maximum of 20.

bot_autodifficulty_treshold_low [value]

This command can be used to set the bot difficulty to low. The default difficulty is set at 5, while the minimum value is -20, and the maximum value goes up to 20.

Bot Weapon and Armor Commands

In addition to regular weapon commands, there are also a number of specific weapon commands that will impact only bots. Let’s take a look at some of them…

bot_knives_only 1

This command will force all bots on the server to exclusively use knives.

bot_loadout [weapon]

With this command, you can specify the weapon loadout for your bots upon spawning. You must use appropriate weapon commands to set this loadout – whether it’s sniper rifles or knives, make sure you know the right weapon command!

bot_randombuy 1

Enabling this command will cause the team bots to purchase random weapons or a random weapon based on their current balance. You can set it to 0 to return them to normal purchasing behavior.


With this command active, bots will completely disregard the in-game economy and will have to make a purchase in every round.


When set to 1, this command will allow the bots to use grenades. You can switch the value to 0 if you want to deactivate this feature.


When this command is set to 1, it will allow bots to use pistols. Set it to 0 and it will disable pistol usage.


Setting this command to 1 will enable the bots to use shotguns. Switch it back to 0 if you want to disallow shotgun usage.


Activating this command (setting to 1) will allow bots to use submachine guns. You can change it to 0 if you would want to prevent them from doing so.


When set to 1, this command will allow bots to use machine guns. Set it to 0 if you want to restrict their usage of machine guns.


When set to 1, this command will allow Counter Strike bots to use rifles. Switch the value to 0 if you want to deactivate this feature.


When this command is set to 1, it will permit bots to use sniper rifles. You can also set it to 0 to prevent them from doing so.


If you are looking to practise pistols against bots, you can command them to also use pistols with this command. To revert it, you can set the value back to 0.


This command is very useful on AWP-only maps like AWP_India. Simply enter bot_snipers_only 1, and the bots won’t be able to use any other weapons except sniper rifles.


By executing this command, you will override all prior weapon restrictions and enable bots to use all weapons again.

sv_bot_buy_grenade_chance [value]

This command sets the likelihood of bots buying grenades with any remaining money. The value can range from anywhere between 0 to 100, with 100 meaning that there’s a 100% chance of bots buying a grenade.

sv_bot_buy_hegrenade_weight [weight]

When bots decide to buy a grenade, they may not know which one to purchase. To reduce the randomness of their choices, you can assign a weight to each grenade. This command is specifically for the HE grenade. The higher the weight you set, the greater the chance the bot will buy this grenade.

sv_bot_buy_molotov_weight [weight]

Similar to the previous command, you can adjust the weight for bots to buy molotovs by setting the desired weight.

sv_bot_buy_smoke_weight [weight]

Likewise, you can also adjust the weight (chance) for bots to purchase smoke grenades using this bot command in the game settings.

sv_bot_buy_flash_weight [weight]

Similar to the previous commands, you can amend the likelihood of a bot purchasing a flash grenade by adjusting the weight value using this command.

sv_bot_buy_decoy_weight [weight]

As you would expect, you can adjust the probability of a bot purchasing a decoy grenade by using this command and adjusting the weight value.

mp_free_armor [value]

This command will grant bots armor based on the specified value. You can set it to 1 to provide them with Kevlar or 2 if you want to equip them with Kevlar and a Helmet.

Bot DeathMatch Commands

If you’re setting up a private Deathmatch (DM) server, you’ll need to use the following seven commands:

mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1

This enables respawning for all Counter-Terrorists (CTs) when they die.

mp_respawn_on_death_t 1

This command enables respawning for all Terrorists (Ts) upon death.

mp_ignore_round_win_conditions 1

This command will disregard round win conditions, allowing for continuous play.

mp_buy_anywhere 1

This enables players and bots to buy weapons and equipment from anywhere on the map, not just at the buy zone.

mp_buytime 100000

The above is a command that overrides the buy period rule, allowing continuous buying throughout the entire Counter Strike match. Set the value to a high number to ensure the timer doesn’t run out.

bot_defer_to_human_goals 1

This prevents bots from prioritizing scenario tasks over human goals.

bot_defer_to_human_items 1

This will prevent bots from picking up scenario items over human players.

Bot CO-OP Command 

Here are some of the main bot Co Op commands… bot_coop_idle_max_vision_distance [value]

By default, the maximum vision distance for idle bots in cooperative missions is 1400 units, which you can adjust using this command. You can either choose to increase or decrease the value as needed.

bot_coop_force_throw_grenade_chance [value]

This command determines the likelihood of bots throwing grenades in cooperative missions. The value is specified as a percentage, with 0.8 representing an 80% chance of a bot throwing a grenade, etc.

mp_coopmission_bot_difficulty_offset [value]

This will adjust the difficulty offset for bots in cooperative missions. By default, this value is automatically set to 0, but you can increase or decrease it to suit your needs and preferences.

Kick Bots Commands


This command basically removes all the bots from the game, which will effectively clear the server of AI players.

bot_kick [name]

By appending a specific bot name after the command, you can kick that particular bot from the server.

bot_kick t

This command will simply kick out all bots from the terrorist team.

bot_kick ct

You can kick all bots from the counter-terrorist side by using this command.

bot_kick [difficulty]

Combining the bot_kick command with a specified difficulty level will allow you to filter and kick bots based on their skill level. For instance, if you type in bot_kick 1, it will remove all bots that are set to normal difficulty.

bot_kill [criteria]

This command will eliminate bots from the game without kicking them from the server. Bots will respawn in subsequent rounds. You can specify criteria such as difficulty level to selectively kill bots. For example, bot_kill normal will eliminate all bots set to normal difficulty.

Other CS:GO Bot Commands 


This is a command that will direct a bot to head over to a designated marked area on the map.


Similar to bot_goto_mark, this command will instruct a bot to move to the currently selected navigation area.


By enabling this command, you will add visual tracers to illustrate the bot’s aim, displaying its line of sight on the screen.

bot_show_nav 1

By activating this command, you will reveal the navigation mesh for each bot, which will thus help you to understand their movement paths.

bot_show_battlefront 1

This command will highlight areas on the map where encounters between bots or players are likely to occur first, helping you to identify hotspots for engagements.


Like the previous command, this one displays the areas of the map that can be reached first by either Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists, which can be useful for strategic planning and practice.

bot_debug 1

Enabling this command will activate the debug features for bots, which will give you insights into their behavior and decision-making.


This command, which is primarily for testing purposes, is used to debug specific bot features.

So, there you have it – hopefully, you have learned a lot from our CS:GO Bot commands tutorial.

Humans Can Only Be Terrorists CSGO Fix FAQs

How do you add bots when playing offline?

To add bots when playing offline, follow these steps:

  1. Open your developer console by pressing the (~) Tilde Key on your keyboard.
  2. Then, Type the following console commands into your console:
  3. bot_add_t: This command adds a bot to the Terrorist side.
  4. bot_add_ct: This command adds a bot to the Counter-Terrorist side.

By using these two commands, you will easily be able to add bots to your game for offline play.

How do I add bots to a game?

To add bots to your Counter-Strike game, you can use the “bot_add” command followed by optional parameters such as team (Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist) and difficulty level, etc.

Can I remove specific bots?

Yes, you will be able to kick individual bots from the game by typing “bot_kick [name]” in the console, replacing “[name]” with the bot’s name.

What commands control bot behavior?

There are various commands that you can use to control bot behavior. Commands such as “bot_difficulty” and “bot_quota” will adjust bot skill level and quantity, while “bot_stop” will freeze bots in place.

How can I customize bot load-outs?

To customize bot load-outs, you can use commands such as “bot_loadout” to specify weapons or “bot_allow_…” commands to control bot weapon usage.

Are there commands to control bot movement?

Yes, commands such as “bot_place” spawn bots at specific locations, while “bot_goto_mark” directs bots to a marked navigation area.

Can I adjust bot difficulty dynamically?

Yes, commands like “bot_autodifficulty_threshold_low” and “bot_autodifficulty_threshold_high” will dynamically adjust bot difficulty based on player performance.

How do I make bots cooperate with human players?

Use commands like “bot_defer_to_human_goals” to make bots prioritize human objectives.